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My wife bought a container of 'crab meat' from Publix in North Naples, off Immokalee near the Strand yesterday. She was making homemade pasta stuffed with crab meat, etc.

The crab meat smelled quite 'fishy' when cooking, and was basically inedible when tasting, even after cooking: smelled like a chum bucket.

It is Publix brand, (made in the Philippines, in small type). $10 which isn't the problem...but with all the crab meat available locally or, in the US, why source a suspect fish product from that far away? The distribution chain almost guarantees the fish product will be subjected to considerable heat, and probably suspect initial processing. Typical of many chain stores these days.

They really don't give a *** about quality, imo. Dodge this product.

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According to my local fish market owner, crabmeat is caught here and shipped to either the Phillipines or China to be processed. Apparently this is a fairly recent event.

I have recently bought 2 separate cans of Chicken of the Sea Crabmeat that smelled like a sewer.

The expiration date was more than a year out. Read the label and make sure it comes from the U.S..


I've used the Publix brand refrigerated crab meat, both lump and claw, several times. It's not as good as fresh, of course, but it's not bad by any means.

Sounds like yours was mishandled somewhere along the line. Did you check the date?


I try not to buy seafood from any foreign country, just for this reason; quality control is sorely lacking, and sanitation practices may be rather sketchy. I hope you spoke to the manager at Publix. They should have a guarantee on their food and offer your money back, if you can show them your receipt.