Tampa, Florida

As a current employee of Publix and a past employee of Winn-Dixie, I have observed attitudes and actions at Publix that remind me of the years preceeding the collapse of Winn-Dixie and a few other chains that family "inherited" when the patron passed.

Publix seems to have the attitude of, it's worked for 60 years, why change it... this is 2008.

Management is not always chosen for their capabilities but for their seniority, color (in the warehouses, blacks seem to get the breaks). If a black manager screws up, we send them for "retraining", if a white manager (or worker) screws up, they are fired.

A system of performance tracking that more closely resembles the old Domino Pizza gimmick of 30 minutes or it's free!! Percentages are calculated by computer to set a goal for forklift operators that create a dangerous atmosphere in the warehouse, the forklift operator not only has to get 100% for a 5 out of 5 in performance, they must get 107%??

If you complain, you have pretty much signed your death certificate, your days with Publix are numbered.

Long term employees in management sitting and watching their retirement grow while the company stagnates around them.. this was one of Winn-Dixies biggest blunders.

If you are not part of the "clic" you might as well settle for being a warehouse flunky, no mater how smart, dedicated, or motivated you are.

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In reply to Keith. I got .50 for my first raise.

Sounds like you just work for a cheap ***.

Publix is hardly stagnating. If anything they're trying harder than any other grocer in the south to vary things up.


I totally agree.. I have been a meat cutter for them for almost four years.

I would not toot my own horn and say I am Role model, but at least superior, and I have got nothing but 15 cent raises every six months.

The average pay for a meat cutter for Publix is 15.50, I am making a little over 13... This job SUCKS, and I was one of those guys in the beginning that always said, "Publix is the best company, they will be the biggest food chain in the world one day."...........


Don't really know what to say except...have you put you app in at Walmart??