Naples, Florida
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Publix, Estero, FL Grande Oaks

First, Publix milk is way overpriced.

I can find many national, major chain

milk in galllon/half. gal. priced at

at least 50% lower than Publix store


Right now, I'm at about a 1 in 3 chance

of getting milk or half-half that will

spoil before it's "sell before date".

Range has been from a week or more on

2% milk to 1 month on half & half.

I always dig to the back to get my

best "long" sell date and where the

product might be a little colder.

Growing tired of making returns for

refunds, and just waiting for the

day that I'll vomit.

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Got state-of-the-art frig. with digital

settings for both freezer and frig.

Verified w/thermometer. Note: I have

had better luck recently with LoL half&half

as well as Publix whole milk.


Maybe its your fridge. Milk is the most sensitive to temperature.


The problem with the milk must be limited to that Publix in Estero. Where I live the Publix milk is always fresh and cold and priced below other brands. I do shop at other supermarkets but I only buy Publix milk.