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Unfortunately this is a company wide practice. The dept managers use Oasis scheduling to punish and reward employees. When it originated, associates and managers were told NO changes could be made

once the schedule was posted. If there was an URGENT need; they could adjust your schedule but HAD TO NOTIFY the employee. This is NOT being done and NOT every person has a computer. WORSE

even...some managers routinely schedule back to back shifts......closing til 12 am then open at 6 am.

This is AGAINST publix policy and the law. Employees don't get enough sleep and they can get hurt.

I have seen many instances where shifts were changed, no one notifies associate, then they

are marked tardy or a NOW SHOW. KEEP a printed COPY of your original OASIS schedule. It may

help you. Publix doesn't care about their employees. We are told daily that we are all replaceable.

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I love my job but sometimes I get mad but it is a job I don't want to lose


Every time a change is put into oasis ,you are automatically notified.oasis sends you the message.There are no surprises.

@know it all

The surprise comes if you are unable to check oasis. My former manager managed to find a reason to change my schedule every day.

There was one day she changed 5 times! Having spent 9 1/2 years as a part timer, I can't afford internet access at home. I wouldn't know if my schedule for any given day was changed until I got there for that day. I recently came to the conclusion that I was going to go insane if I continued to stay in the stagnant, dehumanizing environment of the publix deli and had to leave.

I've been publix free for less than a week and even though I had to take a job that pays less and has no benefits, I still feel much better. I no longer have to deal with the "favorites" who get all the hours, but don't have to wait on any customers and do very little of the cleaning because who's going to make them. Certainly not the managers who hired them because it's their friend, or friend's kid or some relative who has a different last name. Yes, all those situations are currently happening at the publix I just left.

Human resources is a joke. They have never helped anyone I knew. My department manager had eight complaints called in within one week.

She's still there, but everyone who was there during that time (including me) is gone. Anyway, my point was that yes oasis does send you a message, but once your schedule is posted and available to you, they should ask you before changing it, or at the very least let you know.

@know it all

You are not notified to your e-mail address or your mobile telephone number - just, to the Oasis system. Even people with computer and internet access, how often do they check Oasis??!! That is insane, to say the least, and is not practical, at all ...!!!


They did change the schedule on me once without telling me. I didn't appreciate that very much, but that's one of the only issues I've ever had.


Flexible Scheduling is not against the law. If you like to put both feet in your mouth, keep up the uninformed statements.

Here is the US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, Compliance Assistance - Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Bustta move all over Publix.


Yeah but it's still ***. I *** hate working till 11 then back in 8 the next morning


I hate know it alls