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I am a pretty loyal Publix shopper but lately a couple of things really bother me.

1)The "fresh" fruit and produce is lacking. I have had to take back grapes,oranges,mushrooms,and lettuce. Mind you I'm glad they allow me to return produce that is lacking in taste,texture and freshness. What I would like to see them do to correct this is to change vendors.

2)Advertising sales and then pulling a bait and switch. Today I went specifically for Friskies cat food 10 for $4. The add said "Assorted Varieties 5.5-oz cans" I was trying to purchase Friskies Selects 5.5oz cans and was told they didn't qualify. When I pointed out to a manager that the add didn't exclude Selects, she refused to make it right. This has happended several times to me in the past few months on various products and now I'm mad enough to say "bye" to Publix.

It's really a shame because she could have retained a customer. I spend between $200-250 a week at the grocery store and they are employee owned. So I say to this manager..."don't blame me when your profit sharing check is lower than expected."


Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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It's on "select" items...it's what Publix selects not YOU!!! Please learn to read and enjoy going to Winn Dixie. They will enjoy you shopping there and your produce returns!!


Chances are you're a continual complainer, so when the manager noticed you as someone who returns 4 grapes when you bought a pound and said they were all bad, they decided to get specific with you. 9 times out of 10 you'll get the sale price for it, unless you're a regular whiner or you start off the conversation b-ing and maoning.

Have fun shopping at Aldi or SweetBay. Because you can't read a sign you decide to replace an excellent shopping experience with a dirty store and paying for a grocery cart.


Also, learn to read signs ***.


it is important for food stores to be honest. Several years ago I checked out at Kroger, at a handicapped cashier.

He failed to enter my coupons valued at over $40.00. I tried to talk to the manager and the intermediary sent back a "tough luck" message and the manager refused to come down from his office. That is when I discovered the superior quality and deals at Publix. I have not spent a cent in Kroger since that day.As a consumer we must be firm when we encounter bad service.

Some years ago I had to close my cell phone with Sprint. I was getting so much echo that I could not understand the calls. I went in to complain, but I was not allowed to speak to Sprint customer service without paying $3.50.

Sprint went under within two years and merged. FB Dove


Assorted does not mean all!


How selfish on your part! You'd make poor, innocent store employees, most who have no idea or guilt in this matter, suffer because you have to pay a few cents extra for cat food?

Explain to the poor cashier that her baby can't get multi-vitamins anymore because you had to pay 25 cents more for your Friskies. Outrageous.