Tamarac, Florida
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Today I was in publix with my mother. We both went right down the cleaning ailse to look for brake fluid for my Volvo.

In that ailse also had carpet cleaner. I went to pay for my brake fluid and went to the parking lot to my car. I put the fluid in and just as my mother was starting the car, I wanted to go get an apple,nectarine and I dr.pepper and look at a carpet cleaner. As I went to the ailse, I went to look at the carpet powder.

I didn't see the one I was looking for so I went and paid for the apple,nectarine and my dr.pepper. As I was leaving with my mother, about 20 feet from the door, I was confronted by a long haired woman and I gentleman in light brown shorts, a baseball car with a hoodie on and black sun glasses. The woman comes up to my shaking a bottle with watery blue liqued in it. She says to me "I think you forgot to pay for this!!!" and I said what do you mean what is that?

"it's the jewlrey cleaner you opened and put your ring in!" I said " I have no jewlrey on!" and she then told me that they had me and video tape. When I told her to show me the tape she told me no.

So I went in and paid

for something I never touched. My advise, NEVER GO TO PUBLIX!!

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They just followed my fiance out of the store and accused him of stealing after he made a stink about the dumb cashier trying to charge him for a watermelon he didn't have, he had no cart and she insisted he had one! She also tried to charge him $13 for a bag of grapes! Passive aggressive employees with no education, congrats Publix, never will get a cent from me!


*** why would you do anything they said without this supposed proof they had of you stealing. I would have made a huge fuss until I saw proof. They would have left me alone I assure you that.


so you went in a paid for it and they still pressed charges how did they get your info to press charges


There are flaws in your story, and not written clearly. Anyway, you might be able to expunge your criminal record, according to Florida Statutes. However, you will need to pick up an expunge packet at the court house in your county. You can possibly do the expungement yourself.

I use to do expunges and seals while working for a criminal defense attorney in Florida.

I am not an attorney, but you mentioned that you were caught on tape (State Attorney's evidence)showing you did indeed commit a crime of stealing. In one statement you say you are innocent, and you did not take the cleaner;however,you then make a comment saying they caught you on tape. I am a little confused?????? The story is very confusing the way it is explained.


those idiots they waited for my court date to show the tape. they caught me on tape and now i have a criminal record.


you must have done that or you woudnt have gone in the store two times.It dont make sence what your sayins.






Okay, I wrote this story. Publix told me I went in, opened something and used it and didn't pay for it.

I did NO

SUCH THING. I had NO jewlrey on. The accused me of opening jewlrey cleaner. I had NO jewlrey on.

That had nothing against me but a "survalence video" which they refused to show me. I went in and paid for the cleaner and left.

They caused a HUGE scene when I did NOTHING. The should get the facts straight before they confront people.


Personally, I would have had them call the cops. They are accusing you of a crime in which you didn't commit, nor did they directly see you do it.

Also, I would have demanded to see the video. If they wouldn't let you, you should have walked out of the store.

You should have threatened to sue.

I think libel would be the pertinent term. But I'm not legal counsel, so...


I was there and witnessed the incident. You misunderstood the security people.

They were telling you that drinking a Dr. Pepper was just as toxic as drinking a jewelry cleaner and then they charged you the state's new "Dumb *** Tax," which just happened to be the same amount as the jewelry cleaner...Thanks God they didn't see that carpet cleaner you had hidden in your pocket...


Effin lol

First Born Triplet

You lie, I was there also, she did not hide carpet cleaner in her pocket, she put a bunch of batteries in her purse.


There are definitely two sides to this story. The thing that sucks is that, if a customer comes up to you saying they saw soandso stealing, you have no choice to investigate.

I'm sure if you got the store manager involved, you wouldn't have left paying for items you didn't purchase. or steal.


well if you didnt use it. You already knew you could beat the case and they would have to produce the video.

You were foolish or telling a lie on here. Which one is it?


well thats pretty dumb. why do something just because someone tells you to do it?

if they werent even workers, just walk out. lol you seem like a headcase