Naples, Florida
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I hear stories about how if you work hard enough, and give it your all, you can expect to move up in the company and do well. What we all SEE, however, is whoever you KNOW gets your many rewards.

How is it that store 410 in Naples Fl has a bakery manager that doesn't know how to MIX, BAKE, WRITE ON A CAKE or TAKE CAKE ORDERS?

A. Because he's buddy-buddy with Joe Taylor and other higher ups.

Publix won't stand up for their employees when customers abuse them. It's always the employees fault. Anyone who has worked with the general public for any amount of time knows how difficult and challenging it can be to work with some people.

Publix won't defend their employees but will try to placate the masses with a coupon for some undesirable product that nobody wants as an 'appreciation reward'.

Thanks guys. How about having a little more compassion and not treating us like servants?

Forget about being with your family if you have one...Publix will schedule you every weekend and make you work random nights no matter what, and then refuse to work with you when you try to explain yourself. It's disgusting.

Keep it up Publix. If you want to treat Publix employees like Walmart cashiers, that's what you'll get.

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Trader-Joe is coming to to town,Watch out Publix.


Lol I worked for 2 Publix in naples. Screw them all!

Bunch of fakes and liars. I was a CSS and my store manager couldn't run lotto or western union.

Imagine that. And joe Taylor can suck it.