Store manager comes up and says to me "I see your ugly cake sold. Let's see if this ugly one sells".

She is always harassing me and I take it because I want to move up. I passed the management test and she wouldn't recommended me to be put on the finalist list due to her personal preferences of me. I even have an AA degree with all A's and two B's.

She wants pastel colored roses on cakes. And our customers want bright exciting cakes.

So as a business you ought to cater to your clientele right?????......

But NO that's not how this store works. You only get promoted if you're the type of person who socializes a lot and goes on 6 smoke breaks a day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Harassment in the workplace is a federal offense and you can sue them as a bakery get your own business going sued the person that isHarassing. You


Truthfully I bet the only thing that hindered you getting promoted was the fact that you, married woman, decided to sleep with the grocery manager.


Anonymous how do you know your daughter isn't lying? Because she is yours and a perfect angel. There is no way your precious little angel could be lying.


This sounds so familiar. Not the first time I heard about those smoke breaks.

Not sure where 727 is but the one department in Apollo beach fl gives their smokers several breaks. All because this dept told a new to the workforce employee that smokers get breaks and believes since he doesn't smoke he is not allowed a break along with a lunch if you're on 7 hours or more. More ironic they're not providing that break either. He's not getting those breaks and is afraid to take a break b/c he'll get in trouble.

I think it's federal law to allow at least a 10 minute break in which is being broken by publix. Someone needs to bring this to the attention to Mr. Jenkins and Mr.

Crenshaw. Doubt that will ever happen.


What are they supposed to do? Stand over George's grave and tell him all about it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


:grin :grin :grin LOL


Publix 727, you are not alone. My daughter works at the Publix in Neptune Beach, Florida.

The bakery manager is very unprofessional and intimidates the bakers, decorator’s and clerks. She has made my daughter’s life a living *** and the manager of the store has done nothing to stop her. My daughter has asked for a transfer only to be told she will have to wait until after the first of the year and then they can talk about it.

The bakery manager even has the clerks date the product beyond the expiration date. I am going to complain to corporate.


Maybe you should let your store manager decorate cakes. See how many of her cakes sell.She is a store manager she should be able to work in every department in the store.Most of the time they only promote *** kissers.