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As a previous employee of Publix, I can share many complaints on how they treat their employees. In the beginning, everything was fine, then you get this brown nosed individuals take over at corporate level, and everything goes to ***. I was a department manager. I was passed over for 2 years to move up, yet they let minority men move up with lower scores on their tests. I picked up my grandson's cake with the receipts that my daughter gave me. Then two days later, the DM tells me that the cake had not been paid for by my daughter. I paid for the cake then when the mistake was found. I was then terminated for shoplifting. How bogus is that. They even prevented me from drawing unemployement benefits. They do this to the person that turned in a department manager for stealing time, catching shoplifters and increasing sales. If I really wanted to steal the cake, I would not have paid for it.

Not only that, I have been sexually harrassed by an old dept manager, he even harrassed customers. Nothing was done. They also make stockers who they hired as part time employees work full time hours every week, without giving them benefits or full time pay. ***!!!!

Some of the bakeries have managers that add dates to their products just cause they are lazy. Mark out of dates down, which they are not suppose to. Salaried dept managers only make around $750 week base. for 50 hours work. If you work over 50 hours a week, you usually get paid about $1.25 per hour for hours over the 50 this is against the law.

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This is not the first time they falsely accused me of shoplifting. There was the time when I accidently put a pencandy I did not realise that I had done this. If they had not found out about the cake I would not have paid for it.

Then there was another time when I was hungry and took a some food upstairs without paying for it. I was going to pay for it later but I forgot. They thought I had no attention to pay for it. The DM brought a lot of little things like this up when accusing me of shoplifting falsely.

Another reason they fired me was because everytime I got into an arguement with someone in authotity I told them I was sexually harassed by them. Even though these claims are not true they have to take them seriously, and for my third person I accused they doubted me. Especially when my loser co workers said it never happened. Now I am umemployed, a single mother of two and because I was fired for theft this stays on my employment record forever so I can get another job. I contacted lawyers and they said I have no case.


As a Manager for Publix, you above all people should know that stealing is grounds for immediate dismissal. If your daughter paid for the cake, you should have looked at the receipt to make sure, but you chose not to.

You walk out of the store with a cake, and when you're caught (a mistake by your definition) you very graciously pay for it. and then you get fired. Publix does not care whether you were the best of the best, that you increased sales, that you were the hardest working manager in the store, or that you had the record for catching shoplifters. By taking that cake you betrayed a trust which is punishable by dismissal.

You also complain about the overtime pay but never mention those bonuses in the thousands for managers. Lady, you blew it! You threw away a good job with great benefits for a cake. Getting a lawyer will probably not help you in the least cause they caught you and the harrassment charge will just be your word against his or hers, unless of course you have proof.

I fear you don't have a leg to stand on. So, my suggestion is to get on with your life, find another job and don't steal.


Yes I agree, you must have been a wonderful hard working person, sue and retire you low-life


I think you really need to get a lawyer!! You have more than enough reason to sue these idiots.

Do you mind if I ask what state you live in?

I know you can be fired on a whim in Alabama but not so sure about other states. The fact that you were sexually harassed AND accused for shoplifting alone is enough to get some legal action going.