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I am commenting on the procedure of Pulix's check return policy. However, I agree, Ms Stacey yes it is our responsibilty to may sure that we have enough funds in the bank to cover our checks.

But, however just like we have responsibilty in covering ourselves it is your responsibilty to atleast make and effort to send out a letter to the customer informing them of the return check ok Ms.Smarta** mouth. Therefore, to make along story short I had the same problem and I have not moved and have been at the same address for 9 years ok and they sent mines to the State Attny. Office as well. And, when I contacted Publix after I realize the check was being return and noone seem to know where my check was until I got a letter from the State Attny Office .

Thanks to a very understand clerk, they did not make me pay for the court cost and go to court. However, they were not able to remove the charges off the record which is not good when it comes to job opportunity.

So, just maybe there might be a little something you guys might need to do on your end. But, your attitude it not the right way to held it remember the rule the customer in always right!!!!!!Missy!!!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Long story short, you dislike the way Publix does business but you wish to work for them. Your story makes about as much sense as your grammar and spelling. Get a life and learn how to manage your money.