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On my last trip to the Naples, FL PUBLIX on Radio road I was terribly perturbed to hear the cashiers and baggers complaining that the female supervisor had taken away the stools used for elderly and disabled employees. I actually heard that a 77 YEAR OLD CASHIER was forced to no longer have this 'privilege'.

I was disgusted to see that indeed, there were no longer any stools in sight.

Also, they now only hire part time employees to save money on the health benefits and stock options they love to toot their own horn about. Shame on you Publix!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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I worked in Chattanooa TN E Brainerd RD store.I busted my butt for them and they told me I took someting.Just like that akmost 14 yrs with Publx. I had no job. I was just a scan clerk who got sick and was told I could not use my sick time is if went home.I would have to make up my time.Maybe I am crazy bur this is not right :upset