Gainesville, Florida

I always shop at Publix because it smells the best and looks the cleanest. That being said, their meat and seafood are not very good at all.

And we buy our produce at farmer's markets. Their produce is about the worst you can get. I still go for all the other stuff because it's clean inside. I know whatever bananas they get have something special on them, because they give everyone heartburn.

How weird is that? Oh well, Florida doesn't have fancy supermarkets, Publix is about the nicest available. And you can buy their convenient tote bags for only $0.99. They're a big hit with our local homeless folks.

Hobo purses.

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you can not be serious, bananas not right! they are protected in thier own skins and not treated with anything' used to work in Guatamala at Delmonte and I assure you this is correct,you need to up your meds!


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I stopped going to the Hollywood/Young Circle store because it is DISGUSTING. Ceiling still moldy since the hurricanes, produce watered but not turned over so everything's rotting (in order to get a decent box of strawberries you've got to open at least 3 of them to make up for the fuzzy fruit.) Staff is rude.

Inventory NEVER changes and is sporadically restocked.

Their "bakery" is a joke. Don't go there; the one in Hallandale is much nicer/friendlier/has more.


It's funny to think, that our vendors and suppliers supply to other stores and companies as well.....and it all comes from pretty much the same source, distributors, growers, name it.

Obviously, the banana's are not grown here in the US....but maybe they are from Honduras, Ecuador etc.

Our beef, pork, chicken and turkey are born, raised, slaughtered and processed right here in the USA.

So, if you don't like them, maybe you'd much rather like the meat imported from other countries for your consumption :grin

I am curious to find your definition of "fancy" pertaining to a supermarket ?

Red carpet, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries ?

We have that in our stores for purchase...except maybe the

Yes, some stores are "old" 25+ years. (They are neighborhood stores, and there is a reason on WHY they are even survived that long in that one particular location)

BUT, they are updated and given a "facelift" every couple of years, modernizing the look with all the bells and whistles.

And, if you are not satisfied with our "boring", "plain" traditional Publix stores, you are welcome to visit our all natural and/ or organic Greenwise stores.

Nothing "plain", "boring", "old"...but the best of the best money can buy.

From granite and marble counter tops....all the way to a chocolate fountain located in the bakery, to exquisite specialties some people never even heard of.

If you haven't visited a Publix Greenwise store, you haven't seen "fancy"

So, maybe you are getting the heartburn from the banana's just because it's YOU and YOUR body not taking to them.

And...just for future references...if you are not completely satisfied with our products, we will either exchange it or cheerfully refund you the money.

So, you as a customer have a win/win situation, and won't lose out either way.

I have been to many supermarkets all over the US, as well as all over the world.

Publix is right up there amongst the best or most fancy of them !


Sorry you feel that way about the meats and produce from publix. I have been shopping at publix since the 60's and found the produce fantastic.

Recently I found out that the meats contain no additives or flavor enhancers. I also like how all of the employees take great care to wear gloves and hair nets all the time. I guess there is no accounting for taste.

I guess some people would prefer dirty bacteria filled and flavor enhanced food. But for me, I will take publix any day.