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Writer of Publix #1150 is obviously just a disgruntled employee. I have shopped at Publix for many years and I worked for them for 10 years.

Publix spends a lot of time and money to ensure cleanliness and quality. I have seen managers fired for less than that person's article claims. Sexual harassment is never taken lightly. If it was reported, trust me, there was a full investigation in to the matter.

As far as bad produce or milk, maybe a mistake every now and then, but definitely not the norm, and I can assure you their quality far exceeds any other grocery store chain in the U.S. I can tell you from personal experience, Publix works hard at striving for perfection, but as we all know... Nothing is exactly perfect...

If you want the closest thing to it in this business, shop at Publix, the extra 10 or 20 cents you spend is definitely worth it.

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Yea but why is sexual harassment so prevalent in the Publix culture? It seems like every time you turn around some kid is getting promoted because some other kid is getting demoted or fired because they could not keep it professional.

I think I just stated the problem. Publix gives these KIDS with little to no life experience all of this pseudo-Publix power and pays them brain surgeon bucks on top of bonuses and benefits to run a little department, and sometimes even the store and it ends up going to their head. Their little minds don't yet understand the long term consequences to their short term desires of whatever little perky teen comes trotting out of high school for a summer job.

Then it comes down on them like the house of yugioh cards they still play with.