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Publix is nothing more than Uncle Tom's Cabin debachery with ALL part-timers amd full-tome hourly workers pressed into poverty and long hours to no hours (there is no sense of justice or morality or common sense). Mgt abuses Basic Human Rights even allowed for POWs - engages in psychological torture and death by overwork, fatigue and lack of being able to have a healthy diet on $9 per hour. Mgt openly falunts their power by using racially charged language, demeaning phrases like "Monkey" and "Flunky". ANY TIME you are out sick or to provide for family illness you are immediately scheduled for NO HOURS the next week. To make matters worse, rogue employees are doing things during food preparation that customers definitely do not want to hear about. If the situation continues to deteriorate, the WAR between workers ($9/hr) and management (quarter million $/yr) absolutley will spill over via actions taken against the CUSTOMER BASE - with the specific intent of making the whole mess very public. Publix is the 21st Century equivalent of Slavery in the South, openly abusing the human rights of a part-time workforce pushing toward ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE - all enslaved in poverty and abuse.

B-O-Y-C-O-T-T P-U-B-L-I-X ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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BOYCOTT Publix continues to gain momentum - new Florence AL is falling on its face...KEEP IT GOING


For the record RE: excessive pay while hourly cannot even afford to shop at Pubix.

Store mgrs with stock awards and dividends and payroll match w/50% are pushing a qtr mill in hi volume stores. And these over paid idiots only desire is to please corporate by making hourlys work for $10/hr - or less - and destroy their health for doing so.

Pubix is nothing more than Uncle Tom's Cabin for 50,000 PT and FT non-mgrs. We need to launch a slow-down and get our labor organized!!!


I agree, Publix workers should organize into the united food and commercial workers union, I have worked for a supermarket with this union and for Publix without the union. What I know about both now and comparing working for Publix or the union supermarket as a part timer I would go with the union supermarket and Publix can get lost, cause I would rather work for wal mart than waste my time working at Publix, the most ungrateful bunch good for nothing goons.


For the record, very few managers make 250k a year. Good try though.

I would know. I AM a manager at one of the highest paid stores in the company.


perhaps but you get paid a *** of a lot more than all of your part time and bonuses wow!!!!!


Gee it must be nice to get a bonus that is more than what most Publix part timers make in a whole year, shows how much Publix management really cares about their associates, Publix is getting to be a real joke.


Absolutely every negative thing you read about Publix on this forum is true! And to those of you who think it is not, then maybe you should try getting a job there, and staying for six months or so. It's like you're living in a a past century! While customers are treated with dignity and respect, employees are treated just the opposite. I have seen this in the many years I've been there. So why not just get another job? With the kinds of hours they give you, there's no time.

They work you like a floor scrubbing machine. Running you around until you're completely worn out. On your days off, you're so tired that you can't even stand up straight. I've seen cashiers working 12-hour shifts, and baggers working ten. And even on the hottest days, they expect you to stay away from the water fountain as much as possible. Cashiers are not allowed to keep water on their register. And if they are caught doing so, they face severe punishment, and possible

suspension or discharge. Baggers are forced (among other things)to follow certain procedures in taking orders outside, and are not allowed to explain themselves to customers, even when it makes them look foolish. And if they do, they also face suspension or discharge. They pretty much brainwash you.

I don't know who comes up with all these ridiculous rules, but they deserve a good swift kick in the ***! Publix is truly a company run by tyrants. I can't believe there are no labor laws stopping them from doing some of the things they do. They have actually done illegal things to me over the years, for which I could have sued them. But the chances are that they would have gotten be back somehow, and I would have ended up jobless and homeless both at the same time. It just makes you want to scream! :(


Working in Grocery is no different. Absurdly long 11-12-hour shifts.

Very low pay. Managers are rude and arrogant. There's absolutely no respect for your hard work. They don't care if you're tired after long shifts, or have sick family member, or kids to take care of.

After 5 years I've finally decided to quit Publix.

I wouldn't recommend this company to anybody.

Go and find better place to work. Don't waste your life here.


i totally agree with this article. managers are *** also they have favourte.

if you complanin to store manager they wont do anything except make you look bad. i saw many part time people do not get hours because manager do not like them


Hey man, Its not the company that ya'll should be hating on, it's the people! People can be *** nowadays. I mean, if you absolutely hate working for publix, then you should consider looking for other jobs, but I assure you it's probably worse at other places.


*** publix, *** george jenkins, his family, and the rest of you publix lovers. i hope the whole piece of *** as company fold.


Sorry about the wording auto spell changed a bunch of it and I didn't notice in time


I have to agree with this argument I worked at Publix for 7 years and was even a manager for a while. The company is going down Jill fast.

What once was fresh is now being made else where. I left because I could no longer take the upper management being so harsh on issues. I once had to deny a raise because a worker missed a week due to his wife being hit by a bus. No overtime pay but as managers you have to work till everything is done.

Even putting in60-70 hours. After 55 it's what is called Chines overtime, where pay goes down. Oh and the person that is pro Publix, you are part of the problem. I saw it many times again and again retaliation on employees who might missable day for a food reason become scheduled all closings or no hours at all.

Then the managers would laugh and brag. I have retired and I am seeking a degree in law. I will be back to sue. I loved the company when I started.

I hated everything about it when I retired, so much so I refuse to ever shop there again. :(


Dear PUBIXsux,

You are an ***. That is all.


You may have had another job, but I doubt you will last long on that job with your attitude.


I don't know how some managers get to their positions. They act like dweebs and so out of reality.

They dress up like some executives but act and speak like 4 yr old kids. They don't display maturity in people management skills. I know that their priority is customer service satisfaction but don't you think as managers, you ought to display some refined personality when dealing with your subordinates to earn respect? I have been working for Publix for more than 5 years now as a part timer.

In all of my reviews, they always rate me as "Role Model" (my *** Publix as a company is great, in fact I think it has better conceived principles than my full time job. And I am thankful to be able to work part time with them because I know a lot of people don't even have a job. The biggest thing that I have witnessed all these time is that Publix management don't have loyalty to their good workers. Their heads have gotten so big that they are so out of touch of reality.

When an associate is asking for more hours in the summertime it is because they need to keep up with their bills. How do you think a person can feed his family or pay his bills on a 9-hour weekly shift. And when you come to them for help on getting more hours, they would say "Oasis" is making the schedule, not us. There is nothing we can do about it.

That really makes me mad. We are not ***, computers are created by people, and we know for a fact that before the schedule even gets posted, the managers review it first. They have the capacity to make changes on the schedule, take hours off from those who have more and give to those who have less. That is called humane consideration.

The "there is nothing we can do" is all *** - liars.

The senior part time associates make a little bit more money than the newly hired ones, that is why they are not getting the hours that they need. That is sad!


Sounds like you and your friends suck at your jobs! You can lick my boots! If you guys walk around with that attitude i would schedule you 3 hrs a week till you quit.

@Publix Proud

You are the type of Publix boot lick that makes the place a *** to work. You are the Marxist role model that makes publix D***Heads love your betrayal to any sense of Moral justice. You are the modern *** of the Earth.


Hey Dumb *** - I have another job, but some of my ex-coworkers are not so transportable. They are going to saty and fight, and I am going to help them.

The "JUST LEAVE" mantra is so typical of you suck up pubix maggets. So go blow yourself - and keep licking the boots that kick you - you seem to enjoy it.


BS - In central FL hi-volume stores' mgr make ez qtr mil a year (inluding bonus, stock and benefits). Even in back water *** stores out of state an *** store mgr (and there are several) make easily 10grand+ a month.

Are you just ***. BTW - Publix stock has gained ZERO persent in 5 years, while Publix earnings have increase 68% during this time.

WHY BECAUSE PUBLIX ARBITRARILY SETS THE PRICE THEY WANT! Publix is ALSO right now in a Policy of terminating or retiring at least 10% pf total permanent (full-time) store staff - in order to replace them with (much) cheaper part-time as SLAVES.