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I worked for a Publix at 13th and 39th in Gainesville, FL. When I joined the Deli, I agreed to my hourly salary at 7.75/hr.

At Publix there are three job evaluations for the first year (one at three months, then next at 6 months, and then next at a year) and two evaluations a year after that.

I received my first evaluation on time. I received a wage increase promptly due to the increase in my quality of work, never being late, and 'being a team player'.

Between my first evaluation and my second evaluation, the deli manager changed. This manager and I did not get along (nor did he get along with most of the other deli workers). I continued to do my job, irregardless of my personal feelings for the new manager, and continued to get better at my job and come to work early/on time.

After the new manager was there for 2 months, I decided that I wanted to transfer stores as there was a store 20 mins closer to home that had an opening in both the deli and meat dept. I was told by both my manager, assistant manger, and store(!) manager that I could not transfer stores for another month. When I asked, I was told that I was the only person so far to request a transfer.

So another month roles around and I ask again. None of the managers recalled that I had requested a transfer and said that there were others who had requested a transfer before me, so I would need to wait.

To make matters worse I found out that a new hire was being paid 9.25/hr while I was being paid 8.25/hr. When it came time for my evaluation (which came 3 weeks after it was supposed to), I was told that I would be getting a raise of .25/hr, b/c I had been late 2 times (mind you I had never been late for work or from a break, ever) and I was "not being much of a team player" for the past 3 months.

I asked if I was preforming better than the new hire, I was told yes. Then I asked why I wasn't being paid appropriately, in turn I got a blank stare. I said the new hire is being paid 9.25/hr and is expected to do less work than me (on account of her learning the ropes), why am I being paid less? My assistant manager said that she didn't know how much the new hire was paid nor could she know until her evaluation (that's a lie, btw, the managers and assistant managers have access to that information and know it before the new hire's first day, the information is usually in their desk, in a folder).

I complained to my store assistant manager and store manager. I got no response from them. I decide to call out the next day (Sunday) and looked for new work. I found a new job (with better pay) and resigned on Monday. Later (after a few months) I found out from a friend, who was working at another Publix in Gainesville, that I had been lied to and could have filed all the paper work to transfer whenever I wanted to.

So current and future employees beware of Publix:

1. You should enter your evaluation with all your facts ready and if possible a copy of your time sheets. Also have them set a time and date for the eval, not just whenever they want to do it, you have the right to be ready for it. And the evaluation should occur withing two weeks of the proper evaluation date.

2. If you ever want to transfer and the management won't let you, go over their heads and call corporate. Call the regional manager and district manager if you need to. Also, talk to other store managers and ask about the process of transferring. Some stores really need experienced workers and will work with you to get you transferred to their store.

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Call corporate and complain. They get *** done.


I was promised a job transfer as a grocery clerk from front service clerk. Its been little over half a year since I've been doing grocery clerk work yet I'm not being payed more am I titled as a grocery clerk.

I spoke to my assistant store manager about the transfer and his only reply is that they have to wait for the district manager's approval. Keep in mind I filed three transfer sheets far back with two store managers prior to he one we have now.

To whom can I speak with if this isn't resolved in less than a month because I honestly refuse to break my back doing the labor my job title defines. Especially not for a bag boy's pay.


Starting July 1st, 2011. If you get a raise it will be no less then 25cents in the Miami region.


I want publix customers to know that you guys are selfish. Quit being so lazy and carry your own groceries out and dont be so anal with how they are bagged.

Publix might be fun to shop at for you but it is *** to work at because of you! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO SHOP.

Hate you. Chatt


I have worked for Publix a short amount of time and i have realized that Publix is the worst place to work at. They have the worst managers and they treat their "associates" like *** Maybe the workers that actually do something should be paid more and the *** store manager that isnt there but one day a week should get paid less.

Not over 100k. i *** hate carry out. The customers are rude.

PUBLIX MANAGERS: your not hot *** Get your head out of your *** and get a god *** college degree. Your not hot *** you work at a grocery store.


Lol, Publix only promotes those they like best. They'll promote those who do good work, but those who brown nose as well.


Publix promotes the best qualified person for the job. Nothing else matters.


:) My managers are up-front with me and they let us ALL know exactly why we are limited to a 15cent raise.

Heck one year (b4 they limited raises) I ended up with the highest raise ever given out by a manager in my store. I really like my job and the folks I work with - times are hard, yeah.

I'm working on getting to Year 10.

I advise ALL employees to go out and see into getting some college courses in psychology. It's very helpful when dealing with burn-out - which is something that the retail industry is famous for producing - it took me many years hacking away at it, but I'm still trucking - I've been "about to quit" so many times it's not even funny.

If you can succeed at Publix you can succeed at anything - there is always personal responsibility involved in a complaint that needs to be looked at.


They're right, Publix is glad to be rid of you. They only want numb skulls, who'll take a *** raise and the lying. Joe and xrdp sound like trolls who work for the company.

Read the story, read the facts, and look at other Publix horror story replies. You'll see trolls, who have the same kind of response. They criticize without really reading.

If you're reading, you'll see a huge error on Publix managements part. How they told an associate he could not transfer for a month and not let him/her know the proper transfer protocols (I assume, b/c if he/she knew transfer protocol, he/she would have done it w/o approval from the managers). This is a violation of Publix policy.

Here's a hint, leave Publix before it turns into Wal-Mart or Winn-Dixie.


It is my experience...that when you earn a raise...most often you get it...if you don't that is when you hear stories like this Deli Associate.. you make the call!!


like Joe said,

"the type of employee that Publix is well rid of",

goodluck with your PM job


No, I did my job. I never complained, unless it was necessary (such as that the salad container was not cleaned at all in three days).

And I was lied to by upper management. How does that make me "the type of employee that Publix is well rid of"? The fact that I don't enjoy being lied to for months on end or that I don't like being shafted for doing my job?

I don't think so. I've moved on, since then. Two years later, I've finished by BS and am a project manager at a successful company, with government contracts.


You sound like the type of employee that Publix is well rid of.


dont see the problem.

i put in for my transfer 2 weeks ago.

got it.

dun deal.

as for going over their heads, hey just follow the chain of command till you get what you want.

must intimidate, stand firm, f***em all....


My bad, I didn't talk about my promised raise. I forgot.

I was promised by my manager that I would be getting a .50/hr raise, AT THE MINIMUM.

I was given a .25/hr raise. Kind of like a bait and switch.