Boca Raton, Florida

This is not a complaint so much as a comment regarding the price hikes on certain items at Publix.

Banannas were fifty nine cents last week....this week up by ten cents a pound.

Bryers Ice Cream at Walmart is nearly half the price compared to Publix.

Also, V8 Diet splash is $1.98 at Walmart and nearly three dollars or more at Publix.

I am sure there are more items that price comparison would show more favorably toward Walmart.

I have friends who have the same shopping experiences. Many of us only shop Publix for items not available at Walmart.

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Have fun shopping at Walmart! let us know how clean their stores are!


haha what? go shop at walmart then with all the disgusting white trash people and dirty stores and *** all over the floors.

at publix you don't just pay for the items, you're paying for the cleanliness of the store, the customer service, not waiting in a huge line, etc. go shop at walmart.


Are you being serious? Go f^cking shop at walmart then, I mean d@mn.

Publix is a multi-billion dollar company. What the heck does it matter to them where you shop? Jeez. Publix, yeah has higher prices on SOME things.

But when you shop the ad and the BOGO, it's awesome.

No one has a gun to your head forcing you to shop there. :x


Why don't you go shop at walmart and stand in line for 2 hours....Some of us have a life and want to to get in and out with friendly service. I would rather pay extra for that quality service!