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when the shelf price didn't match the register price, I told the cashier and she said: "don't worry it'll come out in the end." - It didn't - now the FBI has to be called in to figure out why not while everyone in line sits and waits. - Publix knows about this gap between the price on the shelf and the register price - they have a standing policy to fix it (if you catch them) - but no plans to fix the problem.

They must be making money on this dishonesty.

Might be a good idea to check your receipt carefully if you shop at Publix. Just sayin.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $3.

  • dishonest pricing at register
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Your a *** ***. How do figure publix is making profit off of an incorrectly marked item?

People make mistakes! Gasp! And the world is not out to steal your money. Publix is run by PEOPLE not computers lol!!!

Every item on the shelf must be scanned in with this little magic gun that tells the registers what the price is upon checkout! Omg! No waaay!!! Then, when the register goes beep, and the wrong price comes up yes as you so eloquently put it the FBI must come check into it because that is the supervisors job.

Then guess what *** If the price is indeed wrong and not your half witted brain playing tricks on you, you get that item for free!!! You know what people like you make me *** sick. Turn on the *** tv look at real problems of the world, not your little insignificant issues.

Don't shop at publix then. Whiney ***


OK I get it. If you get ripped off, don't shop there any more.

But don't tell anybody about it because that would be whiney.

Sorry to upset you with my $3 problem. Hope you feel better now.


Actually I've never even been to Lakeland before. I'm just a lowly cashier from a small store in Florida. I wish I worked for corporate, wouldn't have to worry about getting another two jobs just to move out and get a new car then.

But just to clarify, the sale that you didn't recieve was from one of the three aformentioned departments? If it was, the sale may have ended the previous week and just didn'tget taken down. I've had it happen to me a few times, both as a cashier and as a customer.

If it wasn't then the cashier you had dealt with was incorrect. Unless of course, the sale required a coupon.


Ah - the magic words (in parentheses)

(Oh, and the system recently changed so now BOGO items from said three departments automatically come off after ringing up, rather than only after being tendered).

I rest my case! Thanks.

PS: It's OK to say you're from the home office, we can tell.



Let's address some things shall we?

You're complaining that you can't see the price of an item when it scans? The little computer screen at checkout shows the price, as well as the discount. You can also walk up and say "can you check the price of this for me"?

IF there's a discrepancy between the shelf tag and the scanned item (let's say you were trying to buy some soap that's advertised 2 for $5 but instead of ringing up as $2.50, it rang up as $3.69). The solution to this situation is to politely tell the cashier that the tag on the shelf said otherwise. The cashier should then go to the item (and this is were we're assuming you read the tag correctly and it wasn't for something else), they void the item and give it to you for free; even if the tag was a week old (yes, it happens. Alot.)

As for the cashier saying "the discount comes at the end"... well. Either you were purchasing something that was BOGO from the meat, produce, or bakery departments and the tag was either old or the POS system just didn't have it registered yet or they were completely mistaken on what they were saying (yes, people DO make mistakes.) Either way, this is not a problem with the 'system'. This is also not a problem with 'deception'. (Oh, and the system recently changed so now BOGO items from said three departments automatically come off after ringing up, rather than only after being tendered).

PS: FBI wouldn't get involved for $3.00.

PPS: There is no conspiracy to steal your money.


Lakeland eh? - would that be 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL ?

- just guessing.

Maybe that might have something to do with your not be able to understand why I want honesty at the checkout counter, not a freebie. Just a thought.


I don't understand what you are complaining about if I am sure after you brought the price discrepancy to the cashiers attentions, you got the item for free. Publix cares about its consumers.

It was a mistake that needed to be corrected, whether it be human error or machine. You need to be a little more patient.


There is truth to the discount applying at the end. I'm a cashier at Publix and this happens a lot with buy 1 get 1 offers.

It has to do with detecting how much to *** when items may be a different price or variety, like 2 fruit salads (i.e. one $3.32 and one $3.17). It's just how the POS system works I guess. It doesn't calculate the discount until you press the Tender button, so I make it a point to press that button and then go back to scanning so the customer will see the discount applied BEFORE the end.

If it doesn't come off, I make sure to correct it for them before they pay. Maybe the person you had the issue with was new and didn't know better.


maybe the guy from the home office in Atlanta doesn't know better either. Bet his wife does the shopping.

eh? - so I should tell the cashier: "press the tender button" when the sale item isn't displayed at the right price?

Seems like a long way to go just to get stuff to ring up when it's scanned. We are all so high-tech.


I saw that you posted that in your initial posting.

And in my first response to you, I clearly stated that there was obviously a mistake and/or miscommunication... and that the cashier might have been the cause of this mistake.

So to re-clarify: Publix does not apply discounts at the end of the transaction.

The cashier you spoke to was in error... or there was a misunderstanding between y'all.

Glad we got this whole thing figured out. ;-)


Like I said - maybe you guys at corporate need to get out more. If that's not how you run the register you could have said that in the first place.

I think that applying the sale discount "at the end" is the root of the deception I experienced.

I explained that in my first posting. Who does the shopping your house?


What you are talking about is not policy at any Publix I am aware of. The price on the tag should always be the price at the register...

an each price and discount is tallied every step of the way during the checkout process, not at the very end.

Methinks the cashier in question simply gave you bad information... or there was a misunderstanding between yourself and them.


Walmart - you scan the item - it tells you the price. What could be simpler?

If the price is not what I expected I can say "take that off - I don't want it at that price" - right then and there - I don't have to wait till I get home to see that I've been screwed. What possible purpose does Publix have in ringing up the wrong price when the item is scanned and then applying the sale discount "at the end". Do you all think I won't examine my receipt? Maybe you guys need to get out more - see what the competition is doing.

I know you're trying to compete, but one price on the shelf and another price at the register ("at the end" of course) is not the way to go about it. Maybe if we go back and forth about this long enough you'll kick it up the corporate chain of command and find out why Publix is playing this shell game with it's customers.


What is wrong with the Publix "system"?

Publix puts price tags in front of items. They endeavor to make sure these prices correct. However, with thousands of tags and frequent price changes... there are bound to be some mistakes. If a mistake happens to you and you notify customer service, Publix will correct this mistake by giving you that item for free.

This is the "system". What is wrong with it? And who does it substantially differently... or any better than Publix?


hmm - sounds like Publix is listening. Maybe they'll listen enough for a solution instead of a bandaid.

I just want to know the price I'm paying when the item is scanned. Is that too much to expect from a retailer?

I'm not complaining about an item - I'm complaining about your system. You all don't seem to get it.


Well, of course they can't make it right until they are notified about the mistake.

Any retailer is going to have price mistakes from time to time.

The fact that Publix has a policy about correcting such mistakes by giving you one of that item for free and did indeed follow through on this promise in your particular case doesn't seem like a cause for complaint.



OH - they make it right - you just have to catch them first. I guess that would be the laughable part.


It's a mistake or a miscommunication. Perhaps a sign was in the wrong place? Or perhaps a coupon was needed to get the price? (many goods, especially in the pharmacy section, need a coupon from one of the fliers in order to get the discounted price)

And cashiers might mean well... but often they don't have a great deal of knowledge about particulars in the store and they make mistakes, too.

Bottom line: it happens.

I have an impossible time believing a customer service higher up would have refused to make this situation right if there was anything to it.

The "it's a large conspiracy to make money" suggestion is laughable.


The FBI? Really.


OK - I exaggerate - you got me.