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I have worked for Publix for7 years 4 of them were as an asst.deli manager.In the 4 years I tested for deli manager once a year and had high passes and was denied promotion. Just 2 stores away a younger girl with only 1 year as an asst.deli manager gets an instore promotion while i was working there so she could have her weeks vacation.

What a slap in the face!!!!!! So when I get there I work as hard as ever because that position was not filled yet. 1week of correcting all things that were wrong in the deli, shining ever so brightly so I thought.During the week an afro-american came to me with concerns of racial slurs made to her, I immediatly went to the store manager to help with this issue, I did what I thought was right for the associate.Well now friday is here and its time for me to return back to my store really believing I was finally got the promotion,and it was over.

I went to bat for an associate and her rights and i was wrong cause thats not the way Publix and politics.Needless to say "IF YOU DON'T PLAY,YOU PAY." I worked for Publix for another 6 months and was treated so badly that I walked away after 7 years. And today 2 months later my associates still call me and complain to me how they are be treated with no respect and no dignity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Sounds like you where a bad asst. Deli manger, when the company promotes it because of dedaction and up holding the companies core values...not time of service .let me guess you called in all the time and where best buds with your associates and not acting like a manger!


It's so sad to see people still trying to blame their shortcomings on race or gender. If you can't get anywhere, it's because of you.


it is because your store manager doesn't back you


it is because your store manager doesn't back you


it is because your store manager doesn't back you


Try being over 40 and going for a management position. Then if you finally do get it they make the 1st year pure *** trying to get you to step down so they can say see we told you the old ones can't handle it.


publix does discriminate. racially and sexually.

as a female i was told that i wasn't even worth the paper work to train.

i've been at my store for years and i love the people i work with and most of the managers. i just can't seem to get anywhere in that store.