Vero Beach, Florida
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I am a customer of the Publix on miracle mile in Vero Beach. I am on a narcotic medication for chronic back pain and pinched nerve.

I brought my prescription in on Friday to be filled and was told I could not get it till the following Wednesday. This I fixed d cruel and unjust punishment. Picture my issue on an elderly person and think of what they are thinking when they can't get their meds. I worked I.

A pharmaceutical y 10 years ago. We always overnights our narcotics so the customer would not suffer. I unfortunately cannot get mine filled elsewhere due to unfortunately ate circumstances demanding I get mine filled at Publix only.

This is an issue that needs to be fixed, I think putting people out to suffer is a reason for someone to call on legal representation. Again, cruel and unjust punishment making us wait a week for pain meds.SHAME.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Most Publix Pharmacies order through Mckesson, which has a 48 -72 hour turn around time for narcotics. The Pharmacist must submit a DEA order form, which has to be hand delivered to the warehouse, by the mckesson deliver guy.

They do not get orders on the weekends, so they would have to submited the order form on Monday, Mckesson would get it on tuesday fill it tuesday night and deliver the narcs on Wednesday. Also the fact that you probably waited until you were out of medicine isn't the pharmacists fault.

You should refill your prescriptions when you have at least a weeks supply left (as far as narcotics go this means that you would have to drop of the prescription early, (Some Dr's put do not fill until x/y/z so this would give your pharmacist plenty of time to order the drug and get it through insurance if necessary. hope this helps.


Some medications aren't supposed to be refilled until the expiration date, this is because they are a controlled substance. I have a grandson that was on one of them for several years.

When the prescription expired, his mother had to go out in blizzards, ice storms, etc. to get it refilled. At least you don't have to put up with conditions like that so quit complaining. There are other ways to control pain than medication.

I am 73 years old and taught myself how to self hypnotize the pain away.

Some times I have to take a couple over the counter aspirin with the hypnosis, but most of the time the hypnosis works alone. I would rather do that than be drugged up on pain medication.


This was the Vero Beach store on Miracle mile, not the store it chose for me.