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Update by user May 06, 2012

I received a phone call from \"Jaronda\" who was the area/district manager of the pharmacists. I explained what occurred, she apologized a couple times.

I then asked her to be reimbursed (Publix has certain drugs for $0) as her pharmacist refused to fill my prescription. She stated she would look into it with the store manager (Kevin), as they can only refund or give credit up to $25 (??). I explained her unprofessional employee cost me $40 (Walgreens charged me) and requested that I get the full amount. She said she would look into it and call me back.

Here we are a month later and nothing.

I will follow up with her and/or him on Monday and find out what the deal is. If they do not provide a full refund, I will file a complaint with the state licensing agency for pharmacists/pharmacies.

Original review posted by user Apr 05, 2012

I attempted to have my Vet office call in a prescription. Nicole called and spoke with "Jose" who is the pharmacy manager.

After refusing to refill the prescription just based on general info (my name, Vet office/DVM name, script#), Jose belittled Nicole by calling her "Babe" on 2 separate occasions and refused to refill the prescription without the DEA#??? She disconnected the call and called me to ask me to find another pharmacy due to his unprofessionalism. I then called the pharmacy, introduced myself to the man who answered the phone as Stephen M. and spoke with "Jose." I explained the phone call my vet just had, he said that was him that spoke to her.

He called me "buddy" on several occasions. He even said something in Spanish at one point, said I was being recorded when I asked him to speak slower and in English. He asked if I was making fun of his race??? I stated it would be his ethnicity not his race and no, I wanted him to speak English.

If he is recording, there is no disclosure on your phone that you are taping, which violates FL Statute. In addition, he stated he would never fill a prescription for me again and hung up.

I then called the Store directly (Key West, FL) and spoke with Marcia (Mar-see-uh) who stated that I would need to speak with his manager - Jaronda, did not have a phone number for her but I could call back in the morning to speak with the Store Manager - Kevin Piper. Unprofessional to say the least and Marcia implied that he has a history of being unprofessional and rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Prescription Refill.

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IF the medication is a controlled substance, for a dog or not, there must be a DEA # attached to the script. That is FEDERAL LAW, not just something they 'made up as they went along'.

The store manager has absolutely NO control over the pharmacy. NONE. The State Board of Pharmacy does. The store manager ONLY controls the STORE.

The pharmacy is a whole other ball of wax. As long as the pharmacist follows FEDERAL LAW, regardless of how mad customers get, then the pharmacist is in the right, and will always be defended by the SBOP.