Tampa, Florida
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Publix priced my prescription for Levaquin 500 mg, 5 pills $72 - exorbitant!!. Because I looked shocked the pharmacist explained that this is a strong antibiotic, hence the price.

St Mary Pharmacy on West Bay in Largo charged $10 for the same presciption. Another antibiotic, Z -pack for 5 day supply,Publix, $35, St Mary, $6.

Yet they have the nerve to plaster all over their stores "Love to shop here, Love to save"

Since I'm sure St Mary isn't losing money, it means Publix is charging 350% to 720% higher than retail price. They're swindeling millions of customers in Florida and yet no one is suing them and the media are not reporting this!

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Every pharmacy has higher and lower prices than each other. One might have a med cheaper than another, then have one higher.

Take Walmart: generics $4, and other pharmacies charge up to $100 for the same drugs. However, those pharmacies may have a cheaper price on a med that Walmart charges higher.

Humulin insulin is $25 at Walmart, it is $75 at Publix.

Kmart offers antibiotics for free, they can be over $100 at other stores. Each one has their own specials.


It's a retail pharmacy. If you don't like the price then go someplace else.

You can't sue them if they decide to start charging $9 a gallon for milk. Exercise your free will and gas pedal foot...

not your fingers. If complaining lowered prices then everything would be free.