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The Publix pharmacy at the store where I've shopped since 1987 has just shown how little they care about their customers. I have ON FILE that I'm allergic to blue dyes.

Blue dyes cause me immediate, excruciating migraines, so I can't take them, but for all the pharmacist knows, blue dyes could cause an anaphylactic reaction. They don't care. I brought my prescription to them, and since I haven't had problems with getting this particular medication as blue pills before, I didn't check before I left the store. When I got home and took the bottle out of the bag to put it away, I saw they were blue pills.

I was livid! What is the point of having your allergies on file if the pharmacist isn't even going to bother looking at it? So, I had to go out of my way to go back to the store to return them. I was quite willing to wait a week, if that's what it took for them to order them.

Their answer, though, was that they couldn't get this medication in anything other than blue. I asked them if they could order them, and they said no, their supplier only has blue. Really? I highly doubt that.

So, I spoke with one of the store managers, who spoke with the pharmacist and came back and said the same thing. I told him to his face that not only did I not believe it, but that it is horrible customer service to not be willing or able to order it from another supplier. I will certainly NOT trust Publix with any of my prescriptions again. The thing is, I would not have been upset if they had simply TOLD me when I had gone to pick up my prescription (I was doing my shopping there while waiting) that they were sorry, they saw I was allergic to blue dyes and that that is the only color they had and the only color they could get.

I would have simply taken my prescription elsewhere. But, to fill it with blue pills when they have records saying I'm allergic to blue dyes is not only poor customer service but potentially dangerous. When I pointed out that where it said I was allergic to blue dyes, the pharmacist's excuse was that it didn't come up on the computer. So, again, what good does it do to have that on record if it doesn't show up when a prescription is filled?

It's ludicrous that it wouldn't show up, and I don't believe that it doesn't, I think she was just trying to make it seem like it wasn't her fault. Yes, I know, I should have verified the meds before I even left the area. It should not be necessary to do that, but I should have done it anyway. Still, for the pharmacist to dispense it without paying attention to the allergy section is not just poor customer service but rather scary.

What else are they not paying attention to? This is how people end up getting the wrong medications and dying, from pharmacists not paying attention.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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You are the major reason dealing with the public sucks.. Complete psychopath


I am a pharmacy tech, not for Publix. I have to back up the others here. A migraine is not an allergy. The software shows allergies to medication ingredients. The ingredient makes the pill blue. It is not being offered as a white pill by this manufacturer any longer. Generic drugs are made by many different companies and do not have the same ingredients.

And to say they should just order a white pill for you...are you that thick? There is a little things called a supplier contract. No pharmacy, I repeat NO PHARMACY can or will randomly just order something from random suppliers.

I would be interested in knowing exactly what medication you received. If you look at your bottle it will give you the manufacturer name. Google that, and you can get a detailed ingredient list for each of their drugs.

EDUCATE yourself.


1)A Migraine is NOT an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is considered anaphylaxis, Hives, and acute swelling.

Migraine, headaches, dizziness, stomach upset, etc.. those are called intolerances, or side effects, or the placebo effect. 2) If the pharmacist stopped and checked EVERY SINGLE patient's allergies and compared them to the drug info every time, patients would never get their medication, The computer is supposed to flag the allergy when the drug info is compared to patient info. obviously that did not happen.

so if you are going to be mad at anyone me mad at the A) software company (for not inputting the medication info), B) The FDA C) The drug company (both for not making that info abundantly clear in the drug info) (if there even is blue dye in the medication) 3) Do you really think that the pharmacy wants to sit there and argue back and forth with you about ordering the medication? NO! So.. if they say they cannot order the medication.

They most likely cannot. Generic drugs are made by tons of different companies. So in the business world it is called supply and demand. so when demand is high so is the supply.

So if one manufacturer can supply the drug at a cheaper price than the other. retail pharmacy suppliers may discontinue carrying the medication, therefore they cannot supply Publix with the medication any longer. BTW i work in publix pharmacy, i hate publix with a passion, but i love the pharmacy and i love helping people.

but the ignorance you have shown here saddens me and reminds me that there is no hope for humanity. Have a good day


Ok lets think about this, the blue color is not dye it is what is used in the pill. Also you cant change the way the pill looks or else its a different kinda pill, thats how the DEA tells different pills apart. Your doctor, knowing what your allergies are should never have written you the script but I know you think your more likey to get something for nothen from publix and not the doctor so lets blame them.


In a midication we have in our house the blue IS dye. It says so on the long sheet that comes with the drug and many people DO have sensitivities to dyes.

In this day and age, you have to be your own advocate. If your file says you have a problem with blue dyes, mainly YOU have to keep track of that for yourself. I know a medication that was white and stopped being produced recently for sooome reason.The pharmacy sought another manufacturer and the pill is blue. Many people are not happy about that and it does put patients in a bad position.

You can ask your pharmacist to seek other manufacturers and hopefully someone else makes it in white.If not, there is no great solution. :(

It is a problem.