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I was very sick one Saturday and had to go to an urgent care facility. I took my prescription to my Publix here in town (Pace Fl).

The pharmacist told me it would take a few minutes to fill if I had other shopping to do. I went back over 15 minutes later to get my medicine and he had closed the pharmacy. He didn't call my name over the p.a. or anything.

When I went to customer service to let them know what he had done and that I desperately needed my medicine, they were so very rude. I told them I either needed my meds or the prescription to take elsewhere and that I was not leaving without one of them. They finally called the pharmacist on his cell phone and he told them to tell me he was fixing to go to dinner with his family and he would NOT come back to unlock the pharmacy until he was finished with dinner. He only lived a short distance from the store.

By the time he did come back, I was so sick I wound up in the ER because I didn't have the meds to take. I will never go to Publix for anything again!

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Tam32571 is a perfect example of how our country has turned into an entitlement society.

Hey Tam it is NOT the Publix Pharmacist's responsibility to go walking around a 40,000 sqft store looking for you.

YOU are solely responsible for picking up your prescription at the time HE TOLD YOU. I find it remarkable that you were so sick that you wandered around the store listening to brain bubblegum on your earphones for an hour past the time the Pharmacist asked you to return, and now you have the guts to blame your issues on him?!?! WOW! How about you take responsibility for your own inability to pay attention to instructions and stop blaming others.

Dave/Former Manager you are a complete *** bag and God help us all if you vote or drive a car... You must have been one of those experiments of moving an employee up the chain from bagboy to manager only to get caught on security video playing a little grab *** with one teenage cashiers who got your fired after complaining to HR.


LOLOLOLOL look at what Tam added at the bottom, she said that she had her headphones in and thats why she didnt hear him call. Then she went on to say that he was 'rude' for having not left the pharmacy and gone wandering around the store to find her.


Hello, I am a pharmacist and I had to comment on this lady's complaint. I just cannot think of a medication that (if you do not take it) would send you back to the ER.

I also cannot think of a medication that will keep you out of the ER..This lady went back to ER to get even with the Pharmacist. She appears to be an alarmist. If the pharmacist promissed her medication in 15 minutes, for God's sake stick around and wait for it. IT probably would have taken 3 or 4 times longer and one of the "conventional" pharmacies like walgreens, cvs, or rite aid.

IT sounds like this Pharmacist tried to help the lady and get the medication to her quickly. I would like to hear his story as well.

There are always 2 sides to the coin. Hearing only her side of the story is really not fair.


Dave was probably fired from a Publix manager for abusing drugs from the pharmacy so is bashing them all. Besides as rude as her post is she does have the point the child is to blame for this.

Former manager and Dave are the same person. The IP address proves this and admin have confirmed this.


By the way, I forgot to mention. I'm going to stand here and jiggle my ball sac until Lauren apologizes.


Lauren that is so insensitive of you to post a comment of that nature. Have you never been sick before?

I am sure you have been sick. I used to be a manager with Publix and you are so wrong with your comment Publix does own the Pharmacy and the Parmhicist are employed by Publix.

All the revenues are part of the sales by Publix and all of the inventory is owned by Publix. I clearly think you are associate of Publix and love them like I used to and if you only knew the tricks and trades of the grocery business you wouldn't be on here making childish comments about how others feel about Publix,


LOLauren has made several posts on this site and they are all rude and crude and she has no compassion at all. She is probably a Publix manager.


Tam: You are a retard, the Pharmacy isn't owned by Publix; it is a contracted base service with area urgent care clinics/Rite Aids/CVS/etc. So the customer service wouldn't have the will or legal power to open a pharmacy so you can get cold medicine.

When you place an order at the Pharmacy you should be waiting for your perscription instead of diddling around the store. If any person was SOOOO sick, the smart idea would be to wait around for the medicine before doing anything else. I would assume your health is more important then ding-dongs and twinkies right?

But apparently you're not a smart individual because you go 15 minutes before closing time and then instead of waiting around like a smart consumer you go day-dream around the store.

Your own fault, hopefully this is a life lesson for you. Your health is worth more than twinkies.

Your own fault,


I went to talk to this *** today

He claimed he paged me but I had my headphones on and could not hear. I lost track of time and was back an hour when they were closed.

If I did not hear the age on the p.a system he shoud have come looking for me because he knew that I just filled my medication.

He told me I am responsible to listen to the pages or come back sooner as if he were talking to a child. What a rude dude.