Land O Lakes, Florida

Can Publix please stop with the constant asking for money donations for kids,military,school supplies,veterans,animal shelters,etcetera or whatever when you try to buy food at their checkout.I'm getting really sick to death of it.I just left K-Mart and the did the exact same thing .

I don't want to subsidize your contribution to charity so you can claim a fat tax deduction at my expense.Couple that with a stop earlier at dollar tree to buy some gift wrap who also had their hands out,they got me for 4 bucks and I got squat for it.Also,the fried chicken looks pathetic,old and small over the past 2 months.Thanks for the mugging.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Chicken.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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All they do is ask. You can say no. The cashier's don't care if you donate or not.


If you want to be a cheap uncaring *** just walk on by, what's your problem?


Thank you, I will do that. Those son of a b+tch's are keeping most of the money for their pleasure.

I bust

my +ss to pay bills, I donate to St Jude and the wounded vets coming home. At least that money is being used properly.


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God heavens! All they do is ask, and all you have to do is say "no" if you don't want to donate.

It probably doesn't take more than a minute of your precious time. Stores have been doing it for years and all I do is say "no."


I agree all this kid has to say is NO thanks. Some people actually have a heart and want to donate to charity.

All she has to do say is no, I am selfish and only care about myself. It is my money.

She does not even have to admit she is selfish, just has to say no. Also while she is at it ask her parents to help her Google the term panhandling so she can use it correctly.