I work at Publix also and I'm on a Workers Comp case and they treat me like dirt. They give me less and less hours trying to force me to quit so I will settle the case.

They are literally a billion dollar a year business and they want me to settle a back injury that I will have the rest of my life for a MEASLEY amount of money! You are absolutely right they do not treat you as family or like they like to say "owner" because of my stock. BULL!

Terrible company and it's all about the DOLLARS, and bonuses for the managers!!

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Not only are Publix's prices entirely out of control, but treatment of the customers are a joke, and not a funny one at that ! Publix is a liberal, greedy capitalist company ...Their managers - most of which are obese/grossly overweight - are AS PHONY AS A 3-DOLLAR BILL !

When a customer has a question or complaint, they "yes" one to death in less then five minutes, lie to your face and immediately indicate that they don't have "much time for this" .... that being pursuant to whatever question or complaint one wants to address. I only buy 1 or 2 items of their "Housebrands" but would not spend a penny more in their fancied up stores. Employees/cashiers are borderline R U D E ...

that is because they have non-stop cameras in their faces and God forbid, any of these cashiers were friendly "beyond the guidelines" ??? The store atmosphere is phony, speak LIBERAL and 4 or 5 bored managers roam around the store trying to look "busy". Stock shelvers working in the isles have an "don't ask me anything" attitude, you guessed it: with cameras on them nonstop ! Products are pulled at random, Fleischmann's Magarine for example ...

when inquiring why, one of the overweight managers pulls their handy dandy hand computers out of their pockets and confirm the product was "pulled" but do not have a straight answer as to why and if they do, one will NOT BE TOLD why !!!! People working in the pharmacy are especially snotty, the women there are nasty *** !

The list goes on and on and on ....bottom line: AVOID SHOPPING AT PUBLIX LIKE THE PLAGUE .. CUZ PUBLIX IS JUST THAT, A PLAGUE !!!!!


Get on some meds and get over yourself


"LIBERAL " The Publix heiress came under fire once it was revealed she was donating to the trump campaign. trump was right, his voter base is low education fools. Great job idiot.


Most Public employees are very respectful. But there seems to be one or two that like to make comments at some places.

Where I live it is interesting. There are several different economic neighborhoods. The Publix stores I use are in most of them.

The higher priced neighborhood with two stores and the lowest priced neighborhood with a store seems to have the arrogant ones. Usually a comment when walking away.


There was no bad attitude from any employee. Just a profound lack of promised performance.

@Bill P Vvv

Your a bogus publix employee.


I have worked for publix part time for three years part time is under 38 hours they keep hiring more new people and cutting back on hours last week I only got 11 hours and the new people got more .I am not the only one .we are very upset over this and you can't work for another supermarket this is at king lake in Naple fl


If customers saw how employees are treated Publix would be out of business


Publix doesn't deserve to be on the list of "best companies to work for" because way and too many employees complain about this company. And the turnover rate of employees quitting is outrageously insane!

No It's not such a pleasure working for Publix. Especially if you aren't a favorite.


I agree publix and it's micromanagers are pieces of ***


I could not agree more!! I have been with Publix for close to four years now and management is disgusting and treats the employees like garbage!

It's always about the customer — always has been, but.... IF ONLY THE CUSTOMER COULD WITNESS FOR THEMSELVES HOW THE EMPLOYEES ARE TREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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