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I work at Publix also and I'm on a Workers Comp case and they treat me like dirt. They give me less and less hours trying to force me to quit so I will settle the case.

They are literally a billion dollar a year business and they want me to settle a back injury that I will have the rest of my life for a MEASLEY amount of money! You are absolutely right they do not treat you as family or like they like to say "owner" because of my stock. BULL!

Terrible company and it's all about the DOLLARS, and bonuses for the managers!!

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Publix doesn't deserve to be on the list of "best companies to work for" because way and too many employees complain about this company. And the turnover rate of employees quitting is outrageously insane!

No It's not such a pleasure working for Publix. Especially if you aren't a favorite.

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