I am a regular customer at the Murbella store and this store has hit an all time low. This store is always out of sale items, not to mention other item.Today alone I was unable to get at least four items on my list.

It is my option that lack of Management is the real issue. There is not the presence of Managers there. The Meat Manager and Deli Managers seem to be the only managers who care about their department.

It is very unfortunate for anyone living in this area that we have to shop there.I hope for Publix sake something else like Target or Walmart does not come to this area because you will lose a lot of business. You might think about new Management at this store.

Reason of review: Out of sale items, no Managers available.

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I work for Publix and you RIGHT!!...They always run out of sale items because they are so *** scared to over order. What kills me is they will put *** in sale that no one will buy and have a stock pile of it sitting to be thrown away....Ha, don't get me started on the extreme waste of throwing stuff out.