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I'am a true believer publix turns unwanted associates in to hard criminals.I think they plot with goverment agents to turn people into undesirables. Publix stands back and alienates people that are good people in the community. I honestly believe publix hopes their people that they alienates commit crimes, and I think publix along with many corrperations think alike. A criminal empire;one of many corporations collaborating collectevly together to create a criminal community. I think they try to produce criminals to survice future needs within America. Balzac said, " There's no profit without a hint of crime." So with that said you divide costco from publix and I think you will shop were the dividends benefits the worker.

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what are you ramblling about??


I think it was something about Publix, but you totally threw off my concentration, you should really keep your replies short.


Something about vodoo and Publix employees being turned into zombies.


Hopefully more people will snap out of the trance Publix has them under and realize what Publix is really up to. Thank you for pointing that out and hopefully other people will eventually come to their senses about Publix. I hope someone that practices voodoo puts a curse on Publix cause they really deserve it.