Fort Myers, Florida
Not resolved

Graciously offered $1,000 shopping spree to complete survey. Limits people that only have land lines excludes all those with cell phones only.

When I called corporate they put me into voice mail marketing. Not good customer service "all" around.

Now again I'm trying to submit this issue and forced to use at least 100 words etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc Does Publix know what customer service is or means? From this experience I would say No no no no no no no no no no 100!

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Quiero decir que el publix me gusta mucho porque esta todo muy limpio. ,recogido todo en su lugar ,y Los trabajadores son muy efficientes , siempre encuentro Los cupones para a horrar de verdad Los necesito.

,aunque el publix es un poco mas caro que otros mercados pero una se siente a gusto Alli. Sigan asi es Bueno Su consumidora Juana


To(anonymous) This is America. Why don't you have some courtesy and speak the language of the country you are in.

Obviously, you wanted to live in America, so how about you learn to speak English. Very disrespectful!


difficult to find survey the www on the receipt does not connect directly to the survey as suggested!


Same here


I tried to log onto the site, but it did not recognize it?


For your info Tasha, not everyone has a land line. Also, homeless "bums" (as you so eloquently stated) wouldn't be able to afford a cell so think before you mouth off!


Obviously this was written by a homeless ***. People have land lines unless they live on the street. THey were probably even using a stolen cell phone.


I do NOT have a landline by choice..... why do I need a landline when I have a cell?

You are ignorant


I am not homeless and at least upper middle class. I only have a cell phone.

I don't need a land line, so why pay for a phone I rarely used anymore?

I realized a few years after getting a cell phone, that I rarely got calls on my landline so I cancelled it.


Wait! What?

You are angry because a store have the nuts to set and stick with the rules they create?

What is this country coming to? How dare a company not cater tot he lazy, ignorant great unwashed like yerself?