Melbourne Beach, Florida

I buy as little as I can at Publix, mostly just the 2-4-1's. As if the prices are not high enough, when the tourists come to town they jack them even higher!

Today - Tomatoes - $4.09 per pound, and the all time topper - a head of lettuce for $2.09!!! (that is an extra $0.30 from last week). Let the foolish tourists pay those prices! Winn-Dixie now gets most of my biz.

I guess Publix has to pay for all the new stores they build within one mile of the next Publix. Their price gouging has become just shameful!

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Publix always raises the prices of the BOGO items while they are on sale, but at the end of the month it goes back to its normal price.

They had Mayo on sale for bogo the other week and it was 4.22 for one jar of mayo (but you got the 2nd free ), two weeks later it went down to its normal price of 1.99.


Publix is a ripoff. I put the extra money l save in my gas tank and drive wherever l have to and still have money left over.

I avoid them like poison. Also their b s 2 for 1 deals where they price jack.

More like buy one at twice the price and get the second one almost free. I hate it!!!!!!!!


walmart is cheaper :cry :cry :cry :zzz :zzz :zzz :grin :grin :grin


Hey ***, Publix doesn't have the authority to jack up prices at the store level. Plus have you considered the winter California is having, Publix and other retailers have had to raise prices because they can't keep a good supply.

@rumor breaker

everyone has a choice.