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Wednesday January 15,2012. I went into Publix to purchase 5lbs of Snow Crab legs, I asked for frozen ones so I could put them in the freezer until Friday when I was going to cook them.

I told the gentlemen behind the counter and he apparently weighed in 3lbs and then wanted 3lbs right? I told nicely no I wanted 5lbs & that seemed to fluster him for some reason but I eventually got my crab legs and went to pay for them. I noticed that one package said $54.87, the next package said $18.96. I knew at $10.99 a lb.

that 5lbs of crab legs shouldn't cost that much but the cashier had already rang up the first package so I told them I didn't want the 2nd package. I pushed my cart to the front counter after paying for my groceries and took the crab legs back to the seafood counter and asked him to re-weigh them. He hesitated several times and said they were correct. I told him to humor me and weigh them again.

He seemed a litte upset for me asking this but I didn't care at the time....I wasn't paying for more than they should be. Found out he had weighed all the legs together then divided them into two groups to package them easier. He put the ticket on the first package then package the 2nd group, weighed that package & put a ticket on it. Once I figured out what he had done I told him I would just take the first 3lb package and come back on Friday to get the rest since I needed shrimp also and didn't want to purchase them till the day we were going to eat them.

Anyway I wasn't too upset about it since I got everything straightend out. But it did take me alot longer than I anticipated being in the store. I came back Friday and purchased the other 2 lbs. of crab legs and the shrimp.

I went home and opened the packages and they were extremely dirty looking so I rinsed and srubbed them as much as possible. I cooked them and sat down to eat, I could tell they were very old legs. I know how to cook crab legs and this meat wouldn't come out of the shell. Then I put some in my mouth and spit it out quickly, it tasted like amonia.

It ruined the whole dinner. I smelled each leg before cracking it and eating it. There were 3 complete groups of legs that were rotten. This has happened twice to me now after buying them at Publix.

I will ask to see the crab legs before they wrap them the next time. If there is a next time!! At pay a premium price and expect a good product not something thats rotten!! It was discusting smelling and tasting!

To top it off when I went to purchase the 2 lbs on Friday they were on sale for a $9.99 a lb. I was there on Wednesday and paid $10.99 lb. they went on sale Thursday.

I think the guy behind the counter should have mentioned that but never did. This was a terrible experience that I will not go through again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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shop somewhere else then entitled beotch


Same thing happened to me, guess it is a regular occurrence, thanks publix


Most of their seafood is from filthy waters. China, Cambodia, ect ect


They sell out of USA garbage.


they have specials just like any other store, its just pot luck, and shop around. Besides the fish area will tell you when the specials are on if you ask!


ANY salmon that is wild caught is going to have worms also cod, grouper and founder


Please explain.


I work in seafood at publix and the guy was being a *** and I would report him to the store mgr.


It sounds like the clerk might have been somewhat new. One reason he might have been nervous is that if Publix charges you the wrong price, you get the item for free, and that was a good-sized order.

I've been shopping Florida Publix for a long time, but they have only expanded their region north over recent years, so I'm wondering if the newer stores don't have the philosophy down yet. Nevertheless, you should be assertive, and point out to a manager how the pricing can't be right. We have never been given a hard time about this. You can even return food, as I have done many times and say it is no good, and they will refund you no questions asked.

I have returned grass-fed beef and salmon that I discovered had a tape worm after cooking (yuk!), avocados that were spoiled as soon as they were ripe enough to cut, etc. Just to give you an idea.


I'm happy to report you are mistaken - thank goodness - so gross! Some good news, tapeworms don't live in the flesh of animals but in the digestive tract.

You'd never find an actual worm or eggs in meat.Contamination could be possible through contact with *** potentially through an improperly cut digestive system in the slaughter house, which would be extraordinarily uncommon but hypothetically possible. You'd never find a worm itself (as it's not where it would be). The contamination would be tapeworm eggs, which are microscopic (1 1,000 of a millimeter), and impossible to spot with the naked eye. Tapeworms can't live in saltwater animals so the salmon you bought also couldn't have been infected.

While salmon do live part of their lives in freshwater and part in saltwater, the only salmon harvesting from the freshwater streams are some lucky fishermen and happy bears. So, here's the really good news, even if you are being infected with a tapeworm parasite, at least you don't have to know it while you're enjoying your dinner!


I had the same problem as some of the other people with Publix crab legs. First with the snow crab and then I thought I am going to try the King Crab at $19 a lb.

This was a much more high class ammonia! It is the strongest right at the top of the cluster where it attaches to the crab.

I never did find an answer to this except the crab is old or it was mishandled. That's quite enough crab for me for quite a while.


All crab is cooked and then flash frozen at the processor and they stay frozen all year. When you bought those they had list started the new season for catching snow crab (always Jan 15th.

I always try to buy from peter pan or trident since its true Alaskan crab instead of Russian. Snow crab lives north in cold waters so I don't thinly they catch them in Asia, only Russia. I know that US caught crab they only keep the clean ones because they get a pay decrease of they are dirty. Sometimes they will have barnacles and sometimes the pots they use to catch them get drug in the mud so the do get a little dirty.

I know the US standards are prob better than overseas. Best time to get crab is around April/may since its freshwater then and I know kroger has a contract to get its crab from the boat the wizard from deadliest catch, at least that was in the works last year hence that boats quota is 4 million pounds.


Hi, I am an actual seafood clerk at a Fl. Publix store.

While goofs like the labels can happen, a good clerk would fix it quickly enough, and you would not have to pay for their mistake. The likely reason for the clerk being nervous looking is likely that the crab in stock was very low.

He doesn't need to be selling that dirty crab at all, or messing up the labels. Sorry for the bad experience you had, just check for a nice clean orange color of the snow crab before you buy.


Stone crabs are found in the south not Russia or cold water - I bought straight from a fisherman last week. And they aren't frozen when fresh off boat (they are however cook on deck or dock) nor are they best in May as the Stone Crab season ends mid May but starts in October.


It's not true that Publix managers don't know until Wednesday night what's going on sale Thursday morning. Sale information is available in the sub department portal 2 to 3 weeks in advance so managers can ensure that the last truck to come in before the sale starts on Thursday morning has all of the sale items on it. Any manager can go into the portal for his/her department to see what they need to order for the sale.

@Ex Employee

Even if they did know they are not required to say it.


About the sale: Publix doesn't know about any upcoming sales until late wednesday night, when they get all the ads. So no, the employee wouldn't have known about the sale.


You need to know that much of the seafood you eat comes from Asia, specifically Thailand and is really not fit to eat----infected with God-knows what and filthy---did I also mention older than the hills most of the time?

A trick used by many stores is to wash the fish and other seafood in water when it starts to smell old and bad. Then they can put it back in either the seafood bin or re-package it, etc. This gives the now-bad seafood a couple of more days to be sold to an unsuspecting customer.

By the way, if you think you are getting "fresh" seafood, like fish, you are mistaken. Unless you live on the coast, all fish you buy is a minimum of three days old---usually more. Amazing what a rinsing with cold water will do for the smell of seafood. However, as you found out, it does nothing for the rancidity, smell or aged taste.

Personally, I would stay away from seafood at Publix.


Publix does indeed sell fresh seafood and crab is never from Thailand. Any shrimp we have farm raised is only raised to our higher standards of cleanliness and frozen shrimp are frozen on the boat right out of the water.

So many prefer wild shrimp and fish but they know little about the real standards we have for farmed. We have never repackaged bad items.

Publix always throws away old shrimp and fish. You infer that you know about seafood, but your statements are not factual when dealing with Publix seafood.