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I repeatedly see pets, not service animals, in Publix in Wellington. They are permitted to ride in the food section of carts, in the baby seat section, roam aisles on long leashes and sniff food.

I have been a regular customer of Publix for nearly 20 years and I see the greatest offenders of common courtesy are out-of-town people in winter season. I don't want to eat food that's been in a cart your dog's butt has been in, or buy food that your dog has sneezed or peed on. You don't need to bring your mutt food shopping.

Publix management has done nothing to curtail the problem or even adhere to Florida law regarding the issue.

Perhaps one day if sadly, a child is attacked or bitten Publix will grow a spine and protect their loyal customers from selfish people who abuse the service animal laws. A damn good lawsuit may put paid to it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Pets, especially service dogs, are no more 'unhealthy' than an infant or toddler with a 'poopie' diaper!!!!


Humans are more vicious, filthy, disease-carrying and unsanitary to...other humans.My 4 lb. Chi in a pet carrier is not allowed in Publix, but you can’t throw out the nasty humans that fondle the produce with their E.coli unwashed hands while sneezing to release airborne kaleidoscopes of germs and viruses.OK

@Ms. Ann Thrope

Ma'am, I agree with you. I have smelled many people in the grocery store that smell much worse than a filthy dog. they should ban those people from the stores, and let your nice clean smelling dog shop with you anytime.