Chicago Heights, Illinois

November 09, 2010: The bagged organic lettuces have been turning into yukky garbage many days before their expiration dates for about a month now. Apparently there is no quality control, anymore.

The lettuces are no longer being dried before being bagged. These are too expensive to just keep throwing out!

I shop at the Publix store at the Westgate Plaza in Bradenton, Florida, 34205. Otherwise, I feel this particular store has a lot going for it. The employees there are long-time employees and are WONDERFUL.

The store is most always well-stocked with a much bigger variety of foodstuffs and other things than the store in the Palma Sola, Florida location.

The produce department could benefit from getting its' newest, freshest bagged organic lettuces with the most lengthy expiration dates out by eight A.M. on Fridays, however.

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