Clearwater, Florida

I have been with Publix for 20 years! My goal is to attend my 20th dinner in Orlando with my good friend and after that retire and join the Air Force Reserves!

Also work for the railroad!

I was in management (an asst. department mgr.) and yes there are plenty of backstabbers in this company....The only way now to get anywhere with this company is if you have family in corporate, know certain people or yes im afraid so....sleep with certain people is how you get up the ladder.....Sorry but I have seen a-lot of that and those people get promoted in no time.....Its all politics now and I mean ALL POLITICS NOW!

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All of them should be fired having sex with employees Wal-Mart won't allow that you would be fired on the spot


Publix is more concerned about their tomatos and pennies and imaginary labor disputes


You can't teach leadership.

If you don't learn to lead, you will always follow.

Graduated college, worked at Publix through college and just now got promoted to Grocery Manager.

Don't listen to this person emotional rant.

Grab life by the horns and make a name for yourself with actions not words.

Your future depends on many things but mostly on you.

If you really want to make a reputation for yourself, do the impossible. Lastly, life lesson #1: . .

. ......NEVER trust anyone, ever.


Thanks for the tip,and along with don't trust anyone, you can include Publix in on that. Goodbye Publix the pleasure is all yours.


To bad the majority of Publix employees are so lazy and you are right do not trust anyone and the only way to get anything done is to do it yourself due to the fact that your typical Publix employee does not go out of their way to exert themselves. As far as making a reputation for ones self, you can keep it.


Sounds like good advice, you must be on an emotional rant yourself, and now just got promoted to manager after college, I guess Publix is slow in responding to college grads, maybe you should sleep around and maybe that would get a quicker response. I guess Publix looks more favorably on someone who sleeps around over a college degree.


Sounds more like you are on an emotional rant, either that or totally out of touch, wake up that's the way Publix is now.


The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell,