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The PUBLIX in North Miami Beach at Biscayne Commons Plaza 14641 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami Beach Store Manager Prince Sajous has store specials that are announced over their store address system.

When you get to the checkout the discount price doesn't ring up. So if you don't check your receipt or watch the screen closely you will be charged full price. When you mention that to the cashier they say well I haven't credited the discount yet. Well why did they already tell me the total and look at me as to say how do you wish to pay.

I have tested them several times and it has happened every single time! EX: Special 19 cents for a loaf of baguette bread which they walk around the store with carts hawking and have piles at each register. Every time rings up $ 1.19. I mentioned the problem to the cashier and the next time I went in a few days later they had the same special again on the same bread.

Same cashier and was overcharged again. They must be playing the "You snooze you lose" game. Why? What does that tell the customers about that manager, that store and the corporation in general.

There is a problem with cash back also. Cashier Jennifer I gave it to you. You certainly did not and I have that on video. They checked her drawer there wasn't an overage in her drawer.

The store checked their video. Jennifer certainly didn't give the cash to me. The store manager Prince Sajous said her is your money please let "US" handle it internally. Jennifer is still working there with a "SMUG" look on her face when she see's me.

Thinking of putting the video of the incident on YouTube.

Should I ? What do you think?

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Bread.

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As I stated the total already came up and it was time to pay. No discount tendered. When mentioned to the cashier she then took the discount off the price.Read it again and see your statement is not with the program.


these kind of discounts are taken off your order once the cashier presses the Tender button. they are trained to only do this once they are finished ringing up groceries, as pressing the tender button in hte middle of a bundled purchase will mess it up. Your discount for said items will be on the bottom of your receipt