Lehigh Acres, Florida

Publix has 1 or 2 lines open sometimes listed as "10 items or less" but Publx does not enforce it so people with loaded shopping carts use those isles too, hence no speedy checkout. Publix needs to have employees enforce the 10 items or less , or Publix's will just keep losing repeat customers like myself to stores that do have and enforce the speedy checkout lines!

Or even better yet, would be self checkout lines like many stores now have in place like Walmart. If Publix does not add a self checkout line or enforce the 10 item or less lines I can see them going out of business the stores that do.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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People just needs to get a life, and stop complaining! There is more in life to worry about other than having to wait at checkout line!

Get a life already! You bunch of ***


Publix will never get self check-out because it's impersonal. Publix is all about the customers. If you see someone with more than 10 items why don't you say something to them?


I understand that we all want to come in and out early, but if you can see and read that sign that says 10 Items or less, why are you being an *** and try to beat the system? So, will the cashier be rude and reinforce the rules? or should the costumer wait in line like the rest of us?...and good luck at Walmart btw!


As a former Publix cashier, I have had a complaint against me for refusing someone with a full cart of groceries in the express lane and was reprimanded for it by my manager. We take everybody and anybody in the express lanes and pray the people behind them have the nerve to say something about it to them so we don't get in trouble.


Because self checkouts work flawlessly. Every.


Time. Im being sarcastic


Any store that I have ever shopped in, in my 75 years, has the speedy checkout lines, but if the speedy lane isn't busy the cashier will take people with more items than what the sign says. I'm sure Publix won't miss your business.