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I shop at Publix weekly. I use coupons for every item I purchase. Recently I used a Publix coupon that was for $5 off of a $35 purchase. The customer service representative checked me out and told me that the coupon was a fake. I let the customer service manager know that I cut it out of a newspaper myself and that it wasn't fake. She said that there were not any of those particular coupons circulating in the area. I told her that I knew that becuase I got the coupon while visiting friends in Tennessee (I'm in SC). She then said she would not let me use it. I asked why and then she changed her story and said that my total was not $35. It was, but I used other coupons that brought my total down to around $3. I told her that was no problem that I could just grab another item. She said, "I'm not paying you to shop here." What? I dont' want to be paid to shop there I just want to use the coupon. It didn't state that there were any restrictions on the coupon.

I then told her she was being rude and her response was, "Okay" Not "Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude", or "sorry, I misunderstood your intent." She just laughed and said, "okay."

I then asked if I could have the penny item for the day. She said, "I guess." What? You guess? I told her I didn't appreciate being treated like a criminal for trying to use my coupons and get the penny item. She just laughed again and said, "Okay."

Doesn't this grocery store chain pride themselves on customer service? Well, if this is how they treat their customers I don't see how they are still in business. What has happened to customer service? It's now a thing of the past. What happened to losing your job if you couldn't perform it?

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you are a scammer and a dumb one at that. You should be ashamed.

Not only that, you have the AUDACITY to complain ONLINE about this.

Go to walmart. And get a JOB.



First off, to get a $35 puchase to $3 would require using coupons that you shouldn't have been able to use. They probably didnt say any thing because they knew you would wine and complain, until they'd rather just give it to you rather than call up a manager to embarass you in front of the 10 person line you have backed up. Avoiding a confontation at the loss of store profit goes BEYOND customer service.

It could have ended there. You could have walked off with the products at a fraction of the price (practically stealing) with the always loved customer happy. But that wasn't enough i suppose.

You: "why can't i use this coupn?!?!"

Publix: " Because 3-5=-2"

You: "So?!?!"

Publix: "Allow me to get this straight dear and beloved customer. You want us to give you 2 dollars, so that you can walk out the door with products that have to be made up by several more sales anyway just to make even?"

You:"uhhh, yeah! Why not?"

Publix: "Because mam, that is known, in most civilized countries, as stealing."

You: :cry :cry :cry :cry

So you didn't get your free groceries. Oh no. Now Publix won't have to suffer for the actions of another customer looking to rip off one of the finest grocery stores in the US.

get over it


it seems to me that missy here is the "***" or "ignorant individual" the reason the customer service manager said publix would be paying you to shop there is b/c there would have been a negative subtotal if that coupon had been use. which plainly states publix PAYING you to shop there! if you are so poor or broke or whatever the *** you are, why dont u go get yourself some food stamps or start shopping at walmart or some other trashy store where all the other cheap people shop and quit wasting your time cutting coupons and typing *** blogs that dont even have legit facts. publix coupons (which is the one you were trying to use) do not get reimbursed! however vendor coupons do get reimbursed and they DOUBLE (sometimes depending on the amount) so you're actually get a better deal by using those and it works out better for publix too.

and for SCOTT who supposedly works there you're dumb if u think publix deserves an *** kicking. yea i will admit the customer service manager didnt handle it entirely well but i can tell u right now if MISSY calls corporate they will listen to u then hang up and laugh at you b/c that is a ridiculous reason to waste your time to call corporate about. the slight rudeness yes, the coupon NO!


&& calling someone an \"***\" isn\'t a lame insult? And obviously you didn\'t know that, seeing as you said \"the stores are reimbursed for thier coupons tou ***.\"Wow, honey, the topic at hand is that some *** *** wanted Publix tp pay HER for shopping at thier store...

and thanks for telling me to \"Get a Life\"... I haven\'t heard that since grade school!


Really? Wow!

Thanks for clarifying that for me! It really takes a smart person to figure that out! As if everyone reading your lame comment couldn't figure that out.

Get a life!

:roll You are one ignorant individual if you have to resort to lame insults. Your still an ***.


Um, MISSY, Publix store coupons aren't reimbursed, they come out of the companies pocket... only vendor coupons get accredited. =]] Check your resources, skank.


In response to the *** *** you? The stores are reimbursed for the coupons you ***.


Well I work for publix myself and honestly they deserve an asskicking.... THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO is call there corporate office, get the name of the girl/boy whomever it was and make a personal complaint, then call the store manager there and tell them about your experience and that you have already informed corporate and you WILL have your revenge.

Publix prides on there customer service and if they find out anything that will soil that good name they will take action against that employee.



Aren't retailers supposed to make some kind of profit? Your total would have been negative had the coupon been used.

Jesus, it's 3 *** dollars. It won't break you, sweetie, promise.


Keep going there and each time have a "little accident" while inspecting a few cartons of eggs. "Whoopsie" Don't bother to tell any of the store employees about it either.