Alpharetta, Georgia
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My daughter( 5 years old), my son (7) and I shopped tongight. My daughter brought red hair band with her.

I saw her hold in her hand and walking to the produce section and went straight to taste some food. I gave her some piece of sanwich, she ate and then walk to the deli. I realize the hair band is gone. We look around and around and did not find it.

It disappear without trace. That is so crazy. I just bought it for her. I am pissed.

this is the publix in state bridge, Alpahretta , ga . I hate that when i just bought and lost it right aawy.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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MAYBE A MONKEY STOLE IT :grin :p :eek :zzz :? :cry


omg i can't even with this are you for real?! hahahahahaha


***, *** complaint. Your kid is 5, they lose things.

Its not the stores fault.

You must have a pretty good life if this is the thing that makes you take time to file a complaint. ***!


First off...LOL! What does this have to do with Publix other than the fact that your daughter lost her hairband? Secondly, hairbands are cheap to buy and you can find a 5-pack in your local Dollar store, which is where you should go shop with your kind of spelling and education.


Perhaps the OP might consider taking some adult education classes to learn how to spell and use proper grammar?

You might also consider supervising your child.


Maybe your daughter wouldn't have lost it if it was on her head...just saying its a hairband...


:sigh his is you looking for the red band... ***...


What a ***! Does she lay awake at night trying to think of something to grip about.

Bill Clinton said one thing I agree with "Most of our problems are self inflicted"


I agree that Publix is no longer my choice for shopping, I prefer Whole Foods Market. Everything is better at Whole Foods, the Deli, Produce, Meats, Fish, Customer Service, Cleanliness, everything is so much better and a better value for the money.

The food is fresher, higher quality, it simply tastes so much better, and the people who work there are friendly and helpful. I may travel a bit further to shop there, but it is well worth the trip.

After trying Whole Foods, I have completely stopped shopping at Publix. There is simply no comparison!


U sound like a real ***...get a life and buy some more red bands or sue the rubber band factory for making invisiable hair bands.


Curse Publix for their cleanliness! They should just leave trash all over the floor in hopes that some one claims it.

I hate it that every time I take a breath I have to turn right around and take another one. I mean wth? I just took one and now I have to take another?

Wait! There it went again!


That's so crazy. I was walking around the exact same store, and my soul got stolen.

I actually started in the deli, and THEN walked to produce so I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Publix really should do a better job protecting its customers....


HOw is this Publix fault?


And somehow this is Publix's fault? Nonsense.

Part of the learning process. I hope you teach her properly.


How is this Publix fault?