Fort Myers, Florida
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There seems to be a rash of older women stealing groceries and goods at Publix in Naples Florida..My friend put her purse on top of a box of contact solution( on accident of course) and was stopped at the check-out by a want to be police officer..She was informed that he had just arrested an 87 year old woman last week..Two days ago the same want to be came out of the same store with another older woman..Wow..he has power now...My friend is now traumitized to even go into a grocery store..these poor women..Hope he can find a REAL job...

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You are not 60 years old you are a child. ONly a child would result to namecalling when they read comments they don't like.


Boo Hoo she new just what she was doing.Probably been stealing her whole life.This is why she has lived so long,she never had to work for anything she just goes along shoplifting.THEN OUR PRICES GO UP.YOU OLD BAG.


We are not ***. You are not 60 or 88.

You are a child who was caught stealing. No 66 or 88 year old would result to childish namecalling.


Also, I don't know who posted the 88 year old comment, but ,it certainly was NOT me..terrible...


I cannot belive what I am reading..are you idiots..or what ??!! Yes, this is "my friend"..she is in a position at work that would not look good for her to post this..Somebody needed to,so I did..Oh and the "gummy" comments...please....get a life!!


Either way a lot of thieves claim they "forgot" to pay for an item. Against wanna be's does not matter if they had items they paid for ask anyone working in LP even thieves pay for some items and steal other.

The friend should be more careful. Also has probably done this before. I have a feeling that it was the person who write this who was arrested. She does not even know if her friend is 60 or 88.

Also you seem to know so much about the person making the complaint and the wanna be. Perhaps you are the same person defending your crime. However the fact is it was not her "friend" who got arrested but her considering in the letter the friend is 60 and in the reply the friend is 88.

Probably made random facts and got them mixed up. Then she claimed from accidently leaving the solution in the cart to accidently putting them in the purse something does not add up.


But she is 88 years old and week. I know what she did was wrong but she is 88 years old and accidently put things in her purse..


@I love gummers , eww!! ***.

I got a gummer for you and is going to be a real bummer, cause it looks like shark'theeth. stick to the subject.


Well Shaun if you read the complaint again carefully she place her purse on top of the contact solution by accident, so when she went out she was blame of stealing. Now iam pretty sure this lady made a purches that day of other items, so why would she steal contact solution.

From what I hear about this "Wanna be" he seems to target older woman.Because every one that this has happend to have been older woman now that looks suspicious.I think this "wanna be" needs to be under investigation.His targeting this women and like mention on the complain is tramatizing them just because he needs to make a quota for the month or wants to get a good job sticker from the store lol!!. I am pretty sure this has happen to alot of mistake we leave something in the bottom of the shooping cart or our kids grab thing and we don't notice and walk out with them in the car which you go back and return to the store or pay for them.This "wanna be's" grandmother didn't give him any love he must be tramatize.


She shouldn't be stealing from a grocery store, she deserves to be arrested