Wow I have Read a lot of the comments everyone wrote and I believe every single word that has been written I have seen and lived through it for 28yrs. If your in good with the boys and kiss a... Then you get what you want..I started in Fl in 88 and was in good w the boys and I couldn't be touched....let's say they let me get away with murder since I was liked....I beat up 4 associates at my first store and even slammed my assistant store manager down to the floor by compacter...One clerk I fought on sales floor and Another I ripped his shoulder out of its socket and he was out three months and me nothing happened I was liked. Never any paper work filled out ever...I also had the store raided by the DEA and the store and lockers searched and I was arrested and nothing was done I was liked. So I moved to GA to buy a home and to improve my life and my first store has a cooler go down and the product was a loss so I told the assist manager that it was trash and since this was his second time and the first time he lost product so he wanted to protect his job. So he made us refreeze them. So I called corporate and let them know the product was not up to Publix standards. Well nothing done to him and since he was liked it was my turn to pay cause I wasn't liked and didnt plan to be...I wanted my work too show people the I was the best ...So in retaliation for me calling Publix they let him do my eval And not my Dept Manager who should have! and he gave me All bad scores and dogged me hard. So don't report product out of danger zone which can make people sick or very ill lets just freeze it to save money and his job and he is now a store Manager from all the a... Kissing he did. In Fl he would even be a stock Clerk.

But in Ga the idea of good worker is not the same as Fl...In Fl you work hard you get where u want to go....In GA it's not how hard you work but who's *** your kissing and at first I thought I could beat that way of life here in GA without kissing *** and boy I was wrong...I fixed more shrink focus stores then any PM in GA! I promoted more asst. produce managers then any other PM in GA..,I was one of a few stores in Atlanta that hit 1m in net profit up from the 780,000 it was doing before I came. My scores for AVS was perfect 100% in every question and I did it twice at 2 diff stores and no manager in Publix has one. I have 2 and nobody thought it was a big deal why? Not kissing *** so not liked. steritech Mostly 100% rarely 98% and mystery shop my score for years were higher then Atlanta and the company but since I refused to kiss *** it wasn't good enough. I have all the records for my bid for supervisor which those numbers alone should have gotten me and interview and I didnt get one..My DM tell me days later that my RIS wasn't pushing for me. So I called my RIS and he said he pushed and I said if I have to kiss *** to get it I will never try again if my work and numbers don't speak volumes then o well. I can live with that but I never sunk down to kiss anyone's *** for a position. I have watched asst managers carry out DMs brief case to the car and buy him coffee and guess what guys he's a store manager now.....So those who still work for Publix Fire those lips up and sky's the limit. I also want to give you guys some bad news open door policy is now closed. I brought some views up in a meeting in Ga with produce RBU and he said great questions and then 3 days later I'm in office with my DM and Terry told me to keep my mouth shut. When I walked out of that room that day the assistant store manager called me black list and we laughed cuz we both knew what was coming retaliation. The first part of the abuse was the DM coming in each week degrading me and looking for issues in the dept and he could find nothing wrong so he would use were not Detail enough to lower our moral constantly. I beat the highest store in my division in Valentines sales and they hid the numbers from me and would not acknowledge my work with my store being the lowest volume and no weekend business its was a miracle but to them another day in the Park. So next 2 stores came open for PM and I was the best candidate and I wasn't even considered. Blacklist. So my father is sick in Jan2014 and I use my vacation and bereavement to care and bury him so from Feb2014 to Feb2015 I had no time off ever to really breave or rest in Nov and Dec of 2014 my body was stressed and I could only work 45hrs a week....So after New Years and Valentines I put a request in to rest and it was denied and three days later I got sick out 3 days bronchitis. So my Dr. Tells me to put in next time of request and have it say per Dr's request and guess what it was denied. So the DM and Store manager kept up on the pressure on me even being down 40hrs and given a guy the DM promoted who wasn't even ready for full time to me only made my stress so difficult to handle especially with so much fatigue. So on ST Patrick's day my new assistant failed to order clementines and watermelon and it's a holiday...so I tell store manager to have my asst to get the product knowing I'm only one in dept and he tell me no and has me driving around all morning to get it. This gets good when I get back SM and DM are standing across the dept and DM John Clark is raising his hands asking me if I was ever going to get it! Not thanks for working through your vacation or thanks for getting the product our asst missed but the words Am I ever going to get it?sent me into a nervous breakdown and I resigned that day I could no longer take the abuse and was sick of the process of getting on your knees to move up. So I called HR to tell them my story and he had excuses for everything! What good are they if they don't protect the worker? They'd *** bricks if a nuetral company heard both sides and made the desicions..Funny that DM once told our hot Deli assistant manager that her dept looked like *** but if she gave him a ohug it will be ok! Human resources had the nerve to ask my what was wrong with that? I talked to him a month later told him you had to ask me what's wrong with that DM behavior? Is he that *** what's next? A blow ---? So I finally got my vacation a life away from a company that has dumped Mr. George's Mission and let people run there divisions like a Mafia that works on the buddy system. So managers are leaving every week and what they replace these good managers with are not hard workers but their buddies I saw it everyday for the last few years the good have hauled *** and the Brown nosers are spreading like the flu but they are held to a different standard..My DM always said I'm not detailed enough I think he must have gotten contacts when he came to my division cuz I did resets in his old division and every store was dirty all prod depts were dirty and looked like a run down flea market and it's funny all managers that know that division knows it was a dump hole. What's detail there no rats? Or maybe just small areas of flies? Or is it the cute scotch tape they use all over the coolers to hang signs...wow don't know what he was seeing then but I guess it's good he can see again and now if he only knew how to follow the Mission Statement?Im sure if you pull the video from store 601 you can see john in action with the staff stories are bizarre. But who cares he's liked...for all of you Managers that are afraid to leave life is to short to be underappreciated always told you suck and nothing is ever good enough plus manager Til 6 everyday and LMAO now salary a week? So you work for free after fifty ? That's just more abuse..that one guy who posted on here life is too short to kill your self for nothing unless u kiss *** your gold.....I still respect Mr. George and feel bad with what they have done to the associate that he worked so hard to take care of and they in returned took ycare of him...I'd love to see these past AVS scores..if anyone wants proof I have documents and pics to show all my proof! I even kept the eval with lowest scores of my career for calling in bad product with the customers health and quality in mind..when klondike ice cream leaves the wrapper from the corners and is dripping to me is not sellable but boy I was wrong...Publix the only thing I can thank you for is that I would have let you abuse me for 20 more years...but you saved me I now realize too that life is too short to not have a life and you do take that away...and guess what other chains 40rs over that overtime and unlike Publix they don't micro manage or walk around the store all day to push your buttons.,..instead of letting everyone just do there job. Peace.. And hey Fl thanks for my time being liked and nothing ever done to me for my actions but I think about it now and I feel bad about the people I hurt or fought. We did have good times I remember my boss using raid bug spray to kill the flies on the tropical roots, wintergreen scented and when steritech came that was the usual plan..gotta love it.....Sad cuz I came because of the way Mr. George treated his people and now people like my DM don't breathe Publix he'd rather give hugs and promote friends to positions they have no clue being in. BTW sorry for telling RBU that You DMs think that every ballon in the store shouldn't be displayed knowing we did 12mil in balloons sales last year! DM and RD grow some balls if you can't handle Me telling Lakeland RBU that Atl is on there own page with standards on balloons. It sux when someone is trying to increase sales I guess! But poor John got his panties in a knot. I'd love to see him again I have a lot to say and I'm sure the time will come.....Game Over

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I want some of your brown sugar, }I sho do{, I want some of your brown sugar, }I sho do{


What a load of crap.


Read the first story and yes John Clark is the biggest brown noser and the biggest *** artist on the face of the Publix planet. Ran me off out of a good store here in ATL as Grocery Manager.

Did serve ten good years and enjoyed my job as Grocery manager and was very good at it. Ended up leaving the company and a good salary.

Just did not like kissing butt. I will run into him someday outside Publix, for his own sake I hope he is not alone.


If I ever see him again I'll go to jail that man nearly gave me a heartattack by age 30. I've seen him run off all the good ones

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