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location : Publix deerfield beach,florida

Problem: 1- Poor management, In the weekend where large number of customers come to shop and pick-up their medication, the management decided to put only one employee in the week end despite the long line on the pharmacy pick-up or drop off medication.

Every time we ask, they come up with execuses, such as employee had sick leave, death in the family , lunch time, and more execuses.

working people have the week end to do their shoping and pick up their medications, we have to wait for long time, because there is only one employee in the pharmacy,all complains to the management went to deaf ears.

the sitiation never changed.

I finally decided today to cancell all my medication and switch to target across the street from Publix,

It was not painfull to transfer my medication to Target, they made it easy to do even in the week end, and they say hello to the customers.

In Publix when I say hello or good morning to the pharmesist , he will tell me " I am busy " this the exact words.

I complained to the manager about this poor behaviour in greeting the customer, he said he will talk to the pharmacy employee to be use some curtesy with customers.

two days later I went to the pharmacy, when I said to the same employee

good morning, his answer was " I am busy, will be with you shortly" he never answer my greeting to him.

It is poor personality, and angry employees, they take it on the customers.

I am sure the management in deerfield Publix will not give a hoot a bout all these problems .

He got the job.

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MAYBE YOU ARE A RUDE JEW :grin :p :cry :x