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I am usually a big supporter of Publix. Great customer service.

Great food. Good selection. This evening was the SECOND time that I brought home "organic Publix brand chicken thigh" that it smelt like straight up ROTTEN EGGS. I have bought the same product MANY times before, but two times in a row in a ten day period is a little much.

The first time I thought I was being silly, and ended up vomiting for half the night after eating the Publix meat. Today I wasn't as ***. When I returned the meet and voiced my concern for other customers health, the employee didn't give a ***. The conersation went a little like this "I want to let you know this meat has odor to it, this is the second time this happened.

The first time I cooked and ate it, and was sick for almost six hours after wards." EMPLOYEE:"Do you want a new package or your money back?" ME:"I don't want a new one. Can you let the deli know?" EMPLOYEE:"Here is $4.62.Thanks". End of conversation. I just wanted to know that he would inform whoever prepared the meat, so they could keep an eye out.

Now I'm afraid to eat that meat again, maybe the deli-man doesn't know anything was wrong! He could have his job at jeopardy when there was no communication between departments. The man didn't even make a note of it. or apologize.

It is Publix in fort myers on first street. The employee was working the customer service desk on oct.22 at 8pm.

SMELL YOUR MEAT. I'm disappointed.

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same happen to me about 2 month ago, the sell me $62.00 pack of sword fish and smelled really bad like rotten egg, people be careful just open the pack and smell before buy any fish.


We are having the same problem with the same item. Smells so bad


My brother used to work in the meat dept of Publix. He told us if there were steaks or chicken that were approaching the sell by date they would unwrap them, dip them in a bleach solution, and repackage with a new sell by date!!

How shady is that!?


Its true were I live there is only a Publix and every single meat I buy smelled bad and got us sick.. and is super expencive for this?? Then they wonder why walmart is taking over.


I bought lamb stew at public when i was cooking the meat it smelled like pig intestine. When my husband got home from work as soon as he walked in he said sometime smell rotten.

I took the whole pot to the dumpster.

I think they mixed pork meat and lamb. I don't eat pork


I was there when this woman returned the meat. Three of us smelled the chicken and it smelled like chicken. There was nothing wrong with it, but she just kept on like a crazy person.


Not too sure what you really expected some *** behind the counter to do. Even if he called back to the meat people, they would not do anything.

When you buy meat of any kind, always check the "sell by" or "expiration" date. Then, as you know, you had better smell it. Same goes for fish, especially fish. If it does not smell good, then take it back and get your money refunded.

Stores will try to sell this stuff when it starts to go bad in order to not throw it away.

Many stores, like Meijer, will wash the fish down and re-package it, keeping the bad smell down in the hopes of salvaging the fish for sale. Bottom line: when in doubt, take it back and if a continuing problem with the store, find someplace else to buy meat or fish.