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I have been shopping Publix for yrs this Brunswick GA ,store however have managers who snubb Publix policies creating thier own as they go along , I know of the poverty problem and it's ok if Publix managers discriminate as they do minority's this behavior by Publix against them people is fine . But I ain't one of them, as Publix managers say, I'm fine and if I want to buy my food there it's fine unless it causes someone inconvenience . I have personally seen a manager stop a Hispanic and try to make them prove they had money when en they refused to she tried to detain them but they laughed and left I believe her name was alkissa or something,any way today I was going to eat and shop but unfortantly a manager yelled at us that no customer no matter who could sit in her deli area more than an hour a day even if they are shopping so I got up disposed of my fresly bought su b and promptly left to take up shopping at Walmart as did several other former customers ,this is a small town and word spread s fast as what I've submitted here is spoken out there, this happens ,look at Winn dixie here ,ha, but I do like Publix a lot and you are my choice of supermarket just not inbrunswick ga,good luck fixing that wreak

Review about: Publix Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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