My name is stan chaner , i frequent publix in coconut creek fl on coconut creek blvd, twice a week every week , and i am pissed off about the way the trained managers lol dont open their eyes to see whats going on in the store they rather walk around proveing that their the manager lol instead of looking at employees that work or dont want to work, i know they have a lot to do lol but they are not trained properly in employee relations this gentleman works for publix for 15 years and still he is not reckonized this is a very big problem because everytime he speaks to the manager ,the manager refuses to talk to him this is really un called for this manager is uneducated ,and certainly not qualified for that position, 15 years is worth some kind of promotion ,instead of publix kicking your employees in the *** and dont care about anything

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I think you are ranting about a topic that you don't know anything about. Judging by your post, you aren't real well educated.

First off, the first letters in your name should be capitalized, along with the letter "I", and the "P" in Publix. Then there is the lack of capital "Cs" and capital "F". Again no Capital "Cs" and no capital "B". No "e" in the word proving, "uncalled" is one word.

Then there is all of your improper punctuation, which I own't go into individually. What is with the "lols" that you were using? There isn't anything funny in your whole complaint. Fifteen years working in one place, doesn't necessarily qualify a person for promotion.

You have to meet certain qualifications to be promoted. How do you know that the manager is uneducated? More than likely he has more education than you or your friend. Managers also receive special training and usually work their way up the ladder.

Maybe the reason the manager refuses to talk to this person is because the person is making a pest of himself.

If that is the case, he/she could end up getting fired. There is a reason they don't get promoted.


FYI Your comment about the use of capitol letters is WRONG ! If you have had dealings with publix you should know the store signage is ALL lower case letters.