Gulf Breeze, Florida

Publix is growing so fast they are promoting people that are unqualified.They are rude and arrogant especially the lower management young kids that think they are the president of general electric.They are especially hard on the vendors.I would like to shop in my local publix but cant beacause of the bull.I especially would like to get my presciptions filled at the pharmacy but have to go to cvs instead.I take 5 meds per day.Hope someone gets some sense.This situation has effected me to the depths of my being.Everything that goes up will eventually go down.Been working 50 years and I dont deserve this..........DMS

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What's left of good management are close to retirement age so after this wave of NC stores opens up there will be nothing left but a bunch of over entitled millennials who are only getting positions by default. Forget their lack of education, their absence of life experience alone are reason enough for me to sell every share of stock I own as soon as I am fully vested.


Better check that last comment. Did you purchase that stock or was it provided to you through publix?

You can't touch the stock publix provided until you retire. At least that is what I have been told by corporate.


This guy is a ***


Just because you don't like the way a business is operated and the employees is no reason to say it has affected you to the depth of your being. Everybody is only human, but good heavens there are other stores to shop in, don't let it bother you.