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I worked for Publix for SEVEN LONG YEARS. First job since high school.

Started as cashier got all the way to Customer service team leader then demoted myself because of all the *** with management not on the same page, lack of communication, favoritism, discrimination of clothing when fat managers can wear spandex and an attractive woman manager gets hated on because she has the curves in the right places and if you don't sleep with a certain manager, you lose in the end. When I retired, I talked to corporate about all my documentations and she told me its all who you know not what you know. Pretty sad coming from an ex customer service manager that is now in corporate cause she didn't want to play their games. Publix customers see the good side, and the associates see the BAD side of managers that don't deserve their position and the ones that do deserve it get nothing but criticism and told what you do wrong.

I believe in compliments. They make you feel better and want to do better.

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Sorry to hear that you were not treated right as an employee. My niece worked for Publix too as a cashier and was also mistreated.

Sexual harassment and was constantly yelled at by her boss. This is common though no matter where you work.

I suggest if you don't feel respected or treated properly to ask for a transfer or look somewhere else.


Publix as a company is great. I absolutely cannot stand the store management at the store I was working in.

I had a CSTL spot that I was going to get. I had the best evaluations, etc. One call from MY OWN STORE MANAGER and that was out the window. His girlfriend was promoted over me.

I was totally floored when I learned what happened from managers at the store I was going to be promoted to. If my own manager will not support me, I don't stand a chance. I'm over Publix. Time to get back in school and get the *** out of there.

I'd call the PIP line or go straight to HR if I cared any more.

I know it sounds awful, but I just don't have fight left in me after years of trying and having the managers really push for me to be promoted and then drop me like a rock. They barely speak to me anymore except for a grunt or a very unenthusiastic 'how are you".


The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell, this is the reason you did not make it.


Unless you decide to work in a mom and pop store, this stuff is probably going to be everywhere. Buck up and do your best.

Get an education on the side that would work with what you are doing.

Still being discriminated against? Then you know it's not you.


BB and Neal Summers have to be the biggest hypocrites i know. you are as blind as a bat if you don't see any of this going on. it happens everyday and you go to managers using the open door policy but they don't care as long as their big paychecks keep coming in and all their buddies and secret "lovers" are being promoted.


I agree. I'm in the process of talking to hr and calling pip line.

But my problem is a fellow coworker. Myself and other coworkers have talked to both asst and dept mgr and store mgrs multiple times and all they tell us is if we do things by the book, she will get written up when she does it wrong.

Ok, when its just a hostile environment and nobody wants to be at a store because of one person, theres a problem that needs to be taken care of. Pu lix has a lot of issues to work out before they are the "perfect company" they put out to be.

@decorating chic

Don't go to HR I ended getting demoted from a baker to bakery clerk . that's what will happen if you complain !

now Im stuck in a dead end job with no movement. It sucks ! because I'm starting ll over again!

its a punishment! cause I'm not allowed to bake!


Yes most store managers are fair but most do not want to see what really happens in there store where there dept head managers show favortism to certain associates.....Great company to work for but I do agree some stores I have filled in @ there is some shady managers


Much depends upon your particular manager. As with any position there are jerks that make their way into the system. A possible solution would be to transfer to a different store.


Publix is going to continue to pay big big time for a long long time for it's many abuses against employees. Never ever ever go to HR with a problem, never ever call the pip line.This company is eaten up with abuses, poisoned with all manner of vile practices.


OHHHHHHHHHHHH Please call the pipe line next thing you things start to go wrong


Sorry....I don't believe any of it.

If things like this had been going on (as you claim), and you would have indeed provided documentation to HR, they WOULD HAVE HAD TO respond to it.

That's just the thing....people come on here, venting and airing dirt, falsely accuse, distort facts, create fiction....and at the end it's always someone else's fault (but never their own...of course not)

The problem is, you (as an employee) have certain rights as well. Things like you have described would not be tolerated.

But, do you really know, what your rights are ?

Did you bring it to the attention of the store manager (using the open door policy) ?

And, if that wasn't an option for you, did you place a call to HR with your claim AND documentation ?

(They would have started an know that. Right ?)

Many people just complain, and go on and on and on, without having anything done about it, or even knowing what their rights as an employee really are.

But those are exactly the people which you will find blogging on the Internet pointing fingers.

Funny to think, that you have had 7 years....and never did anything about it, but complain and whine.

Enjoy your retirement :-)


I've been working for Publix for about 5 years now, SEVERAL managers have told me to NEVER go to HR unless you do it anonymously. "HR is around the protect the ones Publix has invested money in" is what I was told.

Publix may be a "pleasurable shopping experience" but working at the company is NOTHING short of a nightmare.

They keep cutting "benefits" to increase the bottom line, I had filled out an evaluation for an associate and was told to change the scores so they didn't receive a well deserved raise, "Our region is on a raise freeze" is what I was told.

Behind the scenes, Publix is no different than Walmart, people are just ***.


Another not so good liar. Had you brought your "documentations" to HR, they would have done something with it.


you are right but it doesnt't happen in all stores. the store manager at store number 354 is fair with everyone. he is the best