Atlanta, Georgia

My daughter and I went to the Publix in LaGrange, GA to purchase some cherries that were on sale. We went to the produce dept, we found some but were unsure if they were the ones on sale so we asked the employee there, she said that they were the correct ones.

Upon check out the items rang up different, the cashier called the manager, Richard Harper. The cashier told him that we said these should be on sale, the manager said no they aren't. I was trying to tell him that the lady said they were but before I could finish my sentence he interupted me and said what lady. It was the tone of his voice that was very unprofessional.

I began to tell him again that she was working back at the produce dept. He kept on that these were not the right ones. I told him that there is also a sign at the cherries that reflects the sale price. He continued to talk rather loud and rude to me and my daughter in front of several customers.

He wanted me to show him the employee so we went back there but she had left. He then said that we could have the cherries which was not what we wanted him to do we wanted the correct price. The thing that made me upset was his behavior, very unprofessional. As for me, I will never go in that store again.

He could have handled this alot different, I know because I deal with the publix every day.

Thanks for listening. Have a great day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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They were very rude to my mother, and she was right and Richard was rude. How do I know because mommy told me to switch the tags so she got the fresh cherries for the price of the other ones.

The manager lied to my mommy and told her she is not allowed to do that and that he saw me switch the prices. My mommy got mad at me because of him because i did it in front of him even though she asked me to switch the prices.

my mommy should have gotton the cheaper price. the manager is a *** and mommy is telling me to say he molested me to get him fired.