Greenville, South Carolina

they need a new manager that is kind and has love for people. he's too much of a discipllinarian.

I have converted to BiLo and appreciate their manager much more. Publix at one time was great grocery store; however, now it is plagued with individuals that are not as kind as they once were in the past. I hope this company gets back to it's customer-focused nature that it was 10 years ago. Til then I refuse to ever attend Gervais St.


BiLo all the way! Get rid of the manager at Publix....he's mean.

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Do your job and he won't have to discipline you like a first grade teacher.


I agree ...GeorgeJenkins would be turning .. spinng more likely!!!!!


I agree.. Not any greater to work for then Wal-mart.

I should have stayed my butt at Wal-mart. Bad Managers at my store in GA. No open door policy. No raises!

Show favortisim to certain ones. SMH!


My store need major help! :(


Preach it! That's one of the reasons I hated working at Publix.

I'm so glad I was able to find a better job (that pays much more, too).

Publix is NOT the same company it was when I was initially hired in 2005, and it most certainly wasn't the same company it was when George Jenkins was alive. I'm sure that man would be turning in his grave if he knew what kind of jokers were running his company now.