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When I was in Boca Raton, FL on vacation, I attempted to use my EBT card at the Publix in Boca. EBT cards can only be scanned for a little while and then they have to be keyed in.

The employee and manager did not know how to key it in, so I was unable to use the card. What made it worse, was that they didn't even attempt to learn how to key it in. Walmart and Target employees know how to key it in and the Publix in Pelham, AL know how to key it in.

What's wrong with Boca employees? Are they all idiots or do they just not care of they lose business?

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I'm a 5th year college student and its degrading to hear people say things like im a *** or a *** and I don't have a job etc. just because I am on food stamps.

Well hello somebody I am a 22 yo single white female, finishing college, paying rent, and I work a part time job of at least 20 hrs per week. I am barely making ends meet, and if the government can assist me then fine by it, its better than the 60lbs I gained from eating ramen noodles my freshman year because I had no money. At least now I can eat a decent meal.

I guess what I'm trying to say is think twice before you speak!!!

you never know someones conditions, sure some abuse and cheat the system, but some are deserving of it. Heck the state gets enough from me in my tuition anyways!


really and blah5

For those who are really trying hard to get food stamps and just have bad luck, we don't blame them for using food stamps. We only blame people like the OP who is too busy vacationing to get a job so they don't need to use food stamps.

You guys truly need the funds because you cannot afford a vacation. This person can afford vacation and just chooses to not try and get a job and spends hidden money on vacations. Big difference between someone who needs the food stamps and someone who abuses the system and uses money to go on vacation when they can be spending on food so they don't require food stamps.

Bjohnson0468, do your kids have a father or are you just having children to get more money from the government? Don't have children if you cannot afford to feed yourself.


Myob, first of all this person is obviously spending her money on vacations instead of looking for a job and getting off food stamps. Second this person would not be called an id*ot if they were not bashing the employees who actually have a job and pay for her and her children to eat.


You have the nerve to call them idiots when their taxes are paying to feed you. Maybe you should get a job so you don't rely on government assistance.

Those "idiots" are paying for you to eat because you are too lazy to get a job. I ask who is the real id1ot here.

@Jedi Knight Ethan

Spoken like a true spoiled, rotten, entitled bra+. You have no clue what it is like to struggle in life. With any luck you will be horribly maimed and will wind up living off of disability and will find out just how "easy" it is to live off of government assistance.


i got my ebt card in the mail like 5 days after applying, i did it all online. no hassle no problems no appointmenets!

im glad! im sorry to anyone who had to be degradded or embarrassed and put thru *** just to get them :sigh


So what if I go on extravagant vacations and the taxpayers pay me to do it? I had all these kids and the only reason they are alive is because the government feeds them and pays for housing.

I'll never work a day in my life and my husband quit his job so we can all be happy and fat on welfare forever!

Ok, really he never had a job and I got knocked up a few times while I was out selling my "goods" on the street.

But what's wrong with that? Let's all go on ebt !


My husband and I have worked for over a decade. We have managed to go and finish our undergraduate degrees.

Currently, my husband quit (yes-I said quit) his very well paying job to complete his graduate (Masters in Education) of which he only has two quarters left. Currently, we are receiving food stamps (we sure funded the system for the past 15 years). The process was horrible-I was asked if all three of my kids had the same dad, I was berated by the counselor, etc.

I will be using my foodstamps for vacation.

Why? For one, we go camping on a campsite that was paid for a year ago (before the realization that hubby would have to quit work to finish school) and second-we share the gas expense with two other families.

Our vacation is going to cost about as much as a movie for a family of five with popcorn (of which we never do). We don't do McDonald's or any other eating out.


I must say, I myself waited till the last possible moment to apply for food stamps. I do not judge anyone who has food stamps. They are not easy to get, and its a degrading process.

We are all struggling financially in this economy. Lets lift each other in love and support, not attack. We do not know any ones situation but our own. If someone is "abusing the system" that is between them and God... and which ever state they are ripping off.

Basically, it is not our concern, so lets not attack please. I "live" in Fl, and when I drive an hour to the beach to stay with my mother, I do call it a "vacation." If I use my EBT to feed my family does that make it wrong, cause I'm on "vacation??" We all deserve a break, STOP attacking this woman.


You know there are situations when ppl HAVE to go out of state due to a death or just bc some1 is using an out-of-state ebt card, it doesn't mean they are on vacation!! Some ppl & their comments make themselves look IGNORANT!! Shouldn't ASSume anything!!


Things happen people have to get on assistants. Life is tough right now.

People have lost jobs, homes,ect. The problem is when people are using the ebt card for vacation. I have a family of 6 and we can not afford a vacation. the card is for food for your children.

NOT for vacation food. And if you can afford a trip to Florida or wherever you vacation, being gas is 4.00 a gallon. Then you should be able to afford your own

I think we all need help form time to time. But don't abuse the system.


Not everyone that uses an ebt card is a horrible lazy person. My husband and i lost our business to a fire and the economy made it impossible to re open.

I go on interviews almost daily but work is nowhere to be found.

We try but with 4 kids i just dont have the money for food. Or vacations for that matter.


wow! all of you are ignorant!

God forbid someone has to use an ebt card in this economy...karama will come back on all your ***...

and mama... the idiots weren't at publix, its the ppl on here who took their time to put useless comments on the net!!


I guess everyone has a right to a vacation, i hope it was for your kids, times are tough on everyone. But if you are on a state program then keep the complaining to a minimum, actually down to zero!!

Be glad the card works at home, cross your fingers that it works when the baby needs milk, but never ever, call someone who works and tries to help you an ***! Enjoy.


you're vacationing on food stamps? really?

who's the a$shole? who's the ***?

come on now, reassess the situation. and for the record if you don't understand the words with more than one syllable and welfare will not provide you with a dictionary i can explain them for you ;)


I have a family of six I help support - we barely make it each month but WE DONT USE FOOD STAMPS!!

'nuff said.


Why don't you get a job and get off food stamps?


yo bj,

you are whats wrong with florida.

too many *** come here on vacation and end up staying.

thank god you went back to bama.

one more thing,

EBT card and you are on vacation in boca???



You aren't a customer if you are using an EBT card.


I agree with ME, its *** like you who spend all "your" ebt money on snack and *** when you should be eating freaking peanut butter and jelly then spend your actual money on beer. Not to mention making a scene that "omg you can't buy hot subs or hot chicken with your card?!?!" You are the ***.