Tampa, Florida

i shop at publix in sarasota florida and am happy with the products and the workers. i do wish that you could try to eliminate products that are from china.

i read labels and will not purchase items from china. you carry only one made in the U.S.A. in dog food items. Actually i am afraid to buy any of their food products for fear of getting sick.

We have plenty of american food and products right here. The only complaint I is that most of the time they do not keep the cold things seperate from the other items

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I too shop at Publix and am very concerned about products produced in China (Overseas), that's why I came here. I'm trying to protect my family from poison food imported into our country from China not to mention poisoned food produced right here in the United States. People should become aware that it is big companies that don't want regulation such as food inspectors so the big conglomerates can get away with murder.


bag the groceries yourself then.


Thank you for pointing this out. I will never buy anything from China.

It is a deceitful country who in the past has sold our children lead based toys. Pesticide induced food as organic and many more.

Along with Dog Food, there is plenty of human food at Publix that is made in china. (Sea Food, Meats, and even Produce) this is super ultra disturbing and should not be purchased, for you and your family's safty