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A few weeks ago i filled out a survey on the Publix website.

After finishing the survey, I was offered several items to

receive and only pay the shipping. So I selected the perfume and gave them my debit card # for the shipping cost.

15 days later they took 95.00 out of my checking account. I

called the company that sent the perfume and they said NO refunds. I offered to send the perfume back because I didn't like it. I shop at Publix a lot, but i am changing

back to another grocery store. This company would not work with me at all.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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Sorry to hear that do you leave your atm paper with accounts bank information that how they know please be careful when leaving that information by publix atm machine publix employees and customers are not responsible for your bank problem


Publix was not affiliated with any such survey. You were duped.


LOL. Learn to use the internet.


you're a mow ron


U R A ***


You were a victim of some popup ad on the webpage. Don't blame Publix for something that is clearly your fault.

Unfortunately, you did not take the time to read the fine print. As consumers you have to be careful of what you fill out or click on when it comes to the internet.


Publix doesn't send you things after a survey.

If they were to give you something they would ask you to go to the store and see a manager.


this is not a problem with publix.this is a ad that popped up and had nothing to do with publix!